Follow your dreams. Chase your passion. Live life to the fullest.

Do not spend all your life working on salary bases.

Work and build cash and pursue your vision, dream or goal

Salary is another mans evaluation of your worth, sometimes they devalue you

There is no salary receiver billionaire in history unless thifes in governmental positions

Your first and second jobs should be to improve your financial stability.

After that, you must investigate what you are really passionate about, to focus your energies there.

It takes willpower to do a job that you don’t like because you need a boost to achieve it.

Passion, however, is not a limited resource. Unlike willpower, passion can be cultivated.

It can be stirred up from nothing with a simple perspective shift. It can grow as proficiency grows

If I am doing a job only for the money, then I am working from my limited reserve of willpower alone.

But if more than money, like impact on people I care about, to achieve a personal dream, or create something beautiful, then I can draw from passion as well.

You are blessed to be a blessing, to be a blessing is not only giving people money.

If you create a company that can empty 100 or more people, you are a blessing to humanity

Think big! Don’t die in that job

Fly unlimited


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