What activities do you lose yourself in?

Leaders are required to help people stay calm, change negative thinking into positive actions, see a greater vision, and lead them to the path forward. Stress and frustration will trap people into patterns of negative thinking

There are some pain you cannot getaway from were there’s bad leadership! Hardship, poverty, genocide and corruption will remain on the play. The most painful thing is that many good people will fall into doing evil.

Corruption doesn’t result from a lack of ethics or knowledge; it’s a workaround chosen by people when they have few better options.

The suggestion is to wait in prayer and to act when their regime over by voting them out and voting in a good leader. If it’s where system is working “if not” revolution is the answer for a radical metamorphosis… kindly click this link and keep reading

A room without books is like a body without a soul.
“Marcus Tullius Cicero”


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