Be understanding and supportive
Be interested and excited when something good has happened to your friend. When your friend is having a hard time. It is important to remember, most of the time friends are not looking for advice on how to fix their problem and really just need to feel heard and attended to. Being a supportive friend most often means listening and being present. By taking the time to listen and show that you care, you are already helping! Remember, it is not your responsibility to fix it.

Don’t be a gossip. Think the best of people; not the worst. Friends who gossip can be a pain and tiresome to deal with. How can you call someone a friend when you aren’t sure you can trust them to keep your secrets? If you have a friend who gossips about you and you don’t like it, it might be time to have a talk. Once you’ve confirmed your suspicions, try confronting your friend. If they’re interested in improving, you may be able to maintain the relationship.

Remember that a secret is a secret. Don’t pass on what’s been shared in confidence. One way friendships help us is by allowing a safe place for us to share the concerns and worries of our life. When you feel comfortable with a friend and share a confidence, you hope that your friend will treat this information with a caring attitude.

Be willing to help friends out.
When a friend is going through a difficult time, it’s natural to want to help, but it’s not always easy to know how. Think about occasions where you’ve been in need yourself – what did your friends do? What did you find the most helpful? Some friends may have kept their distance and perhaps you felt hurt by that, but it could be that they really didn’t know what to say or do, or they simply assumed you would ask if you needed anything.

Most people find it hard to ask for help, so telling them to let you know if they need anything is putting the onus back on them to ask. Or you can take them by surprise by what you find out that they need, practice help you can offer, and suggest specific things. For example “I’m going to import goods for my business, can I buy for you with the little money you have so that your business will grow? Specific offers like that are more likely to be taken up.

Don’t criticise anything about your friend – his/ her clothes, choices, decisions, etc. It’s so easy to criticize other people, and so hard to give a single honest compliment. It’s so easy to see yourself in a good light and at the same time focus on imperfections of other people. But criticizing people is a complete lose-lose situation that only creates distance, spreads negative energies and causes tensions. If positive thoughts are creative thoughts of connecting, including, sharing and loving, then negative thinking is composed of thoughts and words (and consequently actions) that disconnect, exclude and spread hate.
Since it’s impossible to live a positive life with a negative mind, it’s obvious why criticizing others is so unproductive and irrational. So let’s put a stop to it.

Show up in event that your friend has invited you to – birthdays, celebratory meals etc. it makes them proud, it shows them sense of honor, sense of belonging and supportive

Encourage your friend to dream and be the best person they can be (then affirm, encourage and believe in them as they seek to become that person.) successful push each other, they motivates and inspires their friend and Make them a better person than they meet them.

Always be on the solution side at any given time. Don’t always blame! We all have positive and negative aspects in our life. Which ones we focus on plays a huge role in how happy we feel. People with a negative mindset are part of the problem. They make their own life more difficult, but they also make the lives of others more difficult. I encourage you to become part of the solution for yourself and those around you.

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  1. Very good writing……..It is always best to have bigger ears for listening to a friend ,than a mouth that reveals secrets that may destroy them. We must always part company with a talebearer who does not have our best interest at heart.(Proverbs 20:19).Blessings to you my friend.

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  2. Thank you for sharing. Although I’ve been writing and speaking for awhile now, this technology is new for me. I am so excited to learn from others as they share their stories and passion. Blessing to you and your mission!

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