1. A Christian who close his mouth in time of crisis is playing it safe. I am afraid, he who want to save his life May lose it~”Divine-Royalty”
  2. To stop being afraid, we must stop hiding in sin_”Divine-Royalty”
  3. The power of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it.
  4. Suffering is gold, because somebody that has suffered one problem to other will know how to handle the next~”DivineRoyalty”
  5. Insanity is knowing that you don’t know how, without willing to learn. claiming to know it all
  6. Sycophants around you are there for what they want to again from you. They keep complimenting you without rebuking your bad character~”DivineRoyalty”
  7. You can only succeed in doing bad thing for a little while not for eternity & the consequence is tragedy
  8. Those who are fetish are like flower, they gretter so quick and diminish quickly
  9. It is good for you to bounce back, that will be a signal to those who dought you, prove them wrong_”Divine-Royalty”
  10. Stop blaming it on the devil, your bad character is motivated by self-will, devil gives only ideas. “DivineRoyalty”


  1. Such good wisdom here. Number 3 is my favorite! Thanks to you I have learned a new word today on number 6 with Sycophants….. Love to learn new words. Blessings my Friend.

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  2. Your 10 profound *Quotes* reminds me that Martin Luther King, Jr., wasn’t just blacks greatest leader, but he was Americans greatest leader of freedom, justice, and equality, and your ten quotes reminds me of Nelson Mandela and in 1994, he was elected as the first Black, President of South Africa, a revolutionized Nation comprising his quote, from his 1994 Memoir “Long Walk to Freedom,” he points out that courage and fear aren’t opposites,” rather, true courage is taking action even when you’re scared.” brave men,” he wrote, “is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

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