As Christians, lets fight to cross the rubicon, When the world says ‘Give up’, hope whispers ‘Try it one more time.’ Then, motivation inspired action

I am fully persuaded that prayer is the greatest force in the universe.

Not only that, but prayer is the greatest need in the life of the believer.

You can’t live without it. You may exist, but you aren’t really living.

But the tragic thing is that there are many believers who have not made it a regular part of their lives.

Multitudes of Christians use prayer only as a crutch when facing a difficult situation.

This view of prayer must change, make it present continuous

You cannot really be a good Christian and not pray, just like you cannot have a good marriage if you don’t talk to your wife.

You can be a Christian and not pray, just like you can be married and not talk to your wife.

But in both circumstances you will be miserable.

Talking to your wife will give you a sweet marriage especially when you call your wife sweet names.

Women is motivated with what they hear. It’s called communication

Prayer is the pipeline of communication between God and His people, between God and those who love Him.

The shout of blind Bartimaeus draw the attention of Jesus the Christ. To get something from God, you must know how to attract His attention

Persistence in prayer is not an option for the Christian it is an order from the Lord Himself.

Now there is a difference between a persistent prayer and a long prayer.

A person who is persistent in prayer does not necessarily have to pray for a long time. Persistence means not giving up.

Some people give up easy, they quit because they say they don’t feel like praying, the joy is gone, the feeling is gone.

But we are not to live by our feelings but to live by the commandments of our Lord who tells us to pray without ceasing

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  1. “The earnest prayer of
    a righteous person has great
    power and produces
    wonderful results.

    James 5:16

    “I set my face toward the Lord
    God to make request by
    prayer and supplications.

    Dan. 9:3

    “Don’t forget to pray today
    because God did not forget
    to wake you up this morning.”

    Oswald Chambers

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