1. Your mind is a programmer. Those who understand the power of the mind, programmed it to work for them._”Divine-Royalty”

2. Money can’t by you everything, and poverty cannot by you anything_”Divine-Royalty”

3. Switch your mentality from begging and blaming ’ to ‘I’m okay and nothing is impossible’ and watch how your life changes._”Divine-Royalty”

4. There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for. Like a mother Land Biafra_Divine-Royalty

6. The problem of those with demonic mindset is that he/she suspect everything, even those who are charitable to them._”Divine-Royalty”

5. The beauty of a married woman is in the obident to her husband._”Divine-Royalty”

7. Being a philanthropist can move mountain_”Divine-Royalty”

8. The mind is spiritual, the brain is physical. No scientist has proved that he/she has seen the mind. The mind is what God uses to drop message in our brain, our capacity to reason makes extra ordinary being._”Divine-Royalty”

9. Who told you that freedom is going to be easy. Weak men quit in the struggle, Mental tough people lather get it or die for it._Divine-Royalty

10. 95% of people desire to go and in a great nation called America, but those who make the nation great is lying in the Cemetery! _”Divine-Royalty”

11. To be a slave is a test of hell, men of integrity never surrender to it, they live with dignity._Divine-Royalty


  1. “The mind is the brain’s most powerful organ
    the brain is tangible,the mind is intangible
    the brain’s power dictated to the mind
    the mathematical EQUATION to land a man on the Moon
    *&* travel to Mars +!”

    _-Van pRINCE

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