Most heroes where called bad names and later celebrated because they stand up and rewrite their story by persistence and hard work. Your analysis of your own story can reinforce what you have learned, or what you still need to work on. Your personal case studies, whether they are successful or unsuccessful. Whether you are striving to be good or make impact and people are undermining it, all serve to help you identify the behaviours that will improve your success in the future by reinforcing and codifying what is working.

They allow you to identify the mistakes that have caused failures so that they can be prevented in the future. They may also help you to identify the new behaviours and actions that will prevent failures when you encounter similar situations that involve the problem and the principle in the future. Both your personal development and your professional development are your responsibility. Studying both your success and your failures can help you to identify the principles that enable success, as well as the actions and behaviours that will produce better outcomes.

Most of time, we mess with a great idea that you can polish and run with. Pretending that everything’s going well, while is not, until you get hit with a failure. Failure punches you in the gut, leaving you with throbbing wounds and the inability to do anything but moan about what might have been.

There are long lists of champions who have lost everything and which mocker has once damaged their image and panted red but later comes back far stronger. So in honour of everyone who is facing mockery, shame or tough times as a result of a little shift on their journey to success, see this champions, gain motivation, fuel your enthusiasm and go hard!

Have you being insulted and called bad names? Are you going through insult and mockery today? Or maybe you are mourning failure. We’ve all been there. Still, Bad endings portend good beginnings, failure is fun when it’s done right, and it’s always darkest. I’m sure I am not annoying you by using this word. Nobody who is down really wants to hear that stuff. But it’s true, so, take heart failure isn’t the end, unless you let it be. Failure means you’re on the road so many others have taken to success, and a great motivator ‘Thomas Edison’ never call it failure but succeeding in discovering ways that did not work.

When reading people’s story, do even bring to your mind to create or write your own story?

Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent – Divine-Royalty

Kingsley UcheChukwu Vincent – Divine-Royalty is a Motivational Speaker! When I newly came to Dubai and attended Charismatic fellowship February 14th 2007, I saw the kind of prayer meeting I have never experienced in my life, the fellowship was just like a baby with pampas and made a vow to bring the prayer group to the height which later achieved, because I have concern over it not until people like Sanballat kind of leadership came into power and see my exploit as nightmare. They went to the Church authority and lied against me. They went to the same prayer meeting that I have built and feed them cribs about me and believe me, they succeed at that time and everybody sees me as something else. They dined me leadership after my inauguration and public speaking according their secret meeting which is my passion! (umu-nna- dangerous brethren) But believe me, destiny maybe delayed but not be dined. I became a blogger, that is why you’re reading what you are reading now, talking to millions of people and answering their questions. By so doing, the adversity manifests the author in me with a book called ‘RISE ABOVE DISCOURAHEMENT’ and more two that is in progress. The leader in question later did not complete his regime and run away with church money!

Ifeanyi A.C Eze

Ifeanyi A. C Eze was once bombarded with all manner of word when he started teaching on finance. That he is leading people astray. But today those who mocked him see his teaching as blood tonic. Full of inspiration and motivation that has taken many people to the zenith level of Success. He is the CEO of Kings Uncommon Wisdom LTD. An Author of 14 or 15 Books that hold the best sale in the market; Business and Financial Services Consultant; They call him master piece and call him Wisdom bank.

Timothy Ofoegbu

Timothy Ofoegbu was once blackmailed with a letter written to the Church authorities. It affected his ministry at that time, because he was publicly announced to be suspended. But it does not move his faith an inch. And today, he has soar to the greatest height and as long as Catholic Charismatic renewal is concern and Christianity, you cannot say who is Timothy Ofoegbu, unless if you are on the negative side. He is an expert in fixing broken marriage, an Author, A coach and a mentor that has trained many people today that has become a giant to the Lord Army. Still a father and a man of integrity; I was in the holy trinity Onitsha years ago in a conference. Timothy are to be ministered before Rv Fr Ejike Mbaka. And as he was ministering, He spoke a word of Faith. That many people will be waiting for Fr Mbaka and those who have faith will receive their miracle. Immediately he made that Utterance, the lame start working.

Theodor Giesel

This author struggled to write a novel that publishing companies would call something other than “pure rubbish” several times — 27 to be exact. The man just wouldn’t quit, though. One fateful night, he ran into an old friend who had recently taken over as a children’s literature editor. The friend agreed to publish Giesel’s work. Better known today as Dr. Seuss, Giesel was never again called a failure after his first book struck it big.

Albert Einstein

Despite being known as a true genius in the present day, this intellectual didn’t have a great start (to say he was running behind is an understatement). As a kid, he didn’t begin to speak a word until he was 4 years old. A few years later, his elementary school teachers considered him lazy because he would ask abstract questions that made no sense to others. He kept on anyway, eventually formulating the theory of relativity — something most of us still can’t understand today.

Benjamin Franklin

A founding father, the inventor of bifocals and the lightning rod and elementary-school dropout — it sounds crazy, but this is an accurate description of Franklin. His family couldn’t afford to finance his education after his 10th birthday, but that didn’t stop him. He read books like crazy and took every opportunity he could to learn. Ironically, Franklin is now found in the history books that 10-year-old kids around the world read every day.

We react very well to information about others. We take negative gossip about others seriously because we view it as useful information that can protect us; the result is that when someone spreads false rumours about you, it’s hard to shake off that reputation. This can damage your personal and professional opportunities and it’s also extremely stressful. But successful people prove that what may initially feel like failure may just be the launching pad you need for success. So, do not panic over those who go around to tarnish your image by calling you bad names, they lack the sense that the resurrection power that cannot be buried is living on the inside of you, they may succeed in crucifying you with their poisonous mouth, but by so doing, they are bring you to the door step of God’s purpose for the future plans on the third day of your life, they will end up advertising you, because the resurrection anointing will convert all their damages to the decimal point of positive reality, and those who saw you as Saul will see you as Paul. So, be positive over your passion and succeed as a champion and prove your mocker wrong. When the deed is done, those who castigate you in the past will later come back to celebrate you as a quintessence of excellence. Hard work pays!

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  1. “Some great writers didn’t become famous for their writings *&* great
    until after their death *&* Khalil Gibran was one of those writers *&* in his home town
    his countrymen burned his books!”

    _-Van Prince

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  2. If it’s fiction you create *&* write your own story; because writers don’t have to give an account for fiction. If you are writhing nonfiction writers are held accountable for nonfiction being true*&* especially biographies!

    A genius post!

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