Quality is far better than Quantity. Its iron that sharpens iron, wood cannot. Listen to common sense he or she who loves success. Your friends should be sharpening you, and make you better than you are, That is how to know the Right People, Who you spend your time with has a great impact on your life, There are people in this life who can inspire you and make you better. If you’re spending time with the wrong people, you won’t meet the right people, You’ll get stuck, because they will confuse you more, convince you and convert you to whom they are, You can’t hang out with chickens and expect to soar like eagles, Other qualities rub off on you, It’s time to make a change, that is if you love Wisdom.
“Those who hate knowledge are lovers of ignorant. They enjoy doing stupid things” by Divine-Royalty”

You won’t become who you were created to be if you don’t make changes, Spirits are transferable, if you hang out with gossipers, you’ll definitely become one. That stingy spirit will get off on you. But if you hang around excellent people, excellence will rub off on you; those same good qualities will become a part of your life.

Make sure people have the qualities that you want. Desire the best, growth begins from desire, People that inspire you to go further; the reason why you are crying for those who will love you is inability to believe in yourself. If you start fulfilling your purpose, love will find you; A man I know has a friend that treats his wife so great, It inspires his friends to treat his wife better. We shouldn’t hang out with people who are disrespectful to their spouses. We have to set boundaries. I am strong, I can fight everywhere is stupidity. Wisdom is gentle and making use of your brain.

It is not good to call someone unworthy, but the truth is that negative people is unworthy people. If someone is always negative, critical, finding fault, then they’re not for you. Fault founder never see anything good on people, only their mistakes. You cannot do anything to please or convince them because they are both judge and jury.

Be selective. Life is too short to waste time hanging with the wrong people. People without integrity always have a problem. Surround yourself with eagles.
Proverbs 28:7 Young people who obey the law are wise; those with wild friends bring shame to their parents. People who aren’t adding value to your life
Proverbs 13; 20 He who walks with the wise will become wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed.
You may be lonely for a season but God will bring you somebody better.

Psalm1 said, don’t sit inactive in the pathway of the ungodly. What if they hurt your feelings? What if you miss your destiny? Don’t keep going to the gym with the same people who are causing you to compromise. A man I know met a companion in same field, and they decided to start a business together, He who is swimming in the ocean of blindness May not know until his eyes is open.

Here are 7 things negative people will do to you. They will

  1. Demean your value
  2. Destroy your image
  3. Drive you crazily!
  4. Dispose your dreams!
  5. Discredit your imagination!
  6. Defame your abilities and
  7. Disbelieve your opinions!

Stay away from negative people! I never said that it’s not God who created them, but they choose to be negative out of their self-will as you know, the difference between us human and angels is that God give human being power to make choice, even Satan is created by God. The choice you make determine how far you will go in life! Every food is created by God, but some are not good for you.

Be Creative like God who create you after His class, and stay away from people that will make you not to fulfil your purpose, because God created you here to do something. That why a great man said that grave yard is the richest place on earth, there is where unfulfilled dream were buried and Dying without fulfil a purpose is like a baby aborted from the womb!

Fly unlimited


  1. Those seven points were good and it made me think about some people who do exactly that! I wish I realized it sooner and paid more attention, thanks for making me aware. Great post and very well written.
    Much love. Take care.🤗💕


  2. Kingsley, thank you for this profound post, brother. I love the Scriptures you shared about being mindful of who we are ‘joining’ ourselves with in this life. It’s true, “birds of a feather flock together.” We become who we associate ourselves with. People can inspire us or suck the very life out of us.

    I love what you said about spirits being transferable too! I agree with you 100%! In my humble opinion, God will most certainly use us in circles that aren’t exactly holy. Yet, there is a balance there of being a witness but not being a partaker. We must be prayed up and KNOW that it is where God has sent us. Otherwise, it can easily become a snare of the enemy. It’s far too easy to slip into unhealthy behaviors and patterns because we are associating with the wrong crowd. Mindsets are easy to ‘catch’ like a virus, don’t you think?

    God bless you for sharing this wonderful reminder. We need to be seeking wisdom every single day. When God says no, there is a reason! I pray blessings upon you, your ministry, and your loved ones. 🙏🏼


  3. I don’t seek to avoid negative people. As a Mental Health Practioner, I strive to help them see things differently.
    Having a healthy perspective changes everything.


    • Negative
      Negative seems to have a problem for every solution and loves to drain enthusiasm from any new idea. His mantra is the deadly “This is the way it’s always been done.” He’s mired in the status quo like a car stuck in mud, spinning his wheels. When a window of opportunity opens, he’ll pull down the shade. He will zap your energy and slow your momentum. You won’t want to add this person to your team or spend time socializing with them. You can’t expect to lead a positive life if you surround yourself with negative people.

      The Critic
      Critics are known for finding something derogatory to say about everyone, and they are especially famous for trading confidential or negative information about others. Critics use gossip to bond with and control small-minded people. Make sure you’re never tempted to engage in their shenanigans, for everyone is fair game, including you. Critics are threatened by talented go-getters, and the greater the talent, the louder the criticism, which they hope will draw the spotlight away from their own unimpressive résumés. Never let anyone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything.

      The Victim
      Never able to accept personal responsibility, life seems chronically unfair to Victims. The test questions were worded badly. There was never a real shot at the promotion that went to the boss’s favorite. The deck is always stacked against Victims, and they have nothing but bad luck. They haven’t figured out yet that hard work puts you in a place where good luck can find you, and they are famous for putting in little effort. You’ll recognize them by their signature excuses.


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