Challenge Your Littleness, Take a Big Step

People are always scared to move on to the next level of life as they get scared of the unknown. They don’t know whether they are ready for the next phase of life. This is where the trust in God comes into place. But the truth remains that if you commit everything to God, the Spirit of the Lord would lead you; and will take you to places you would never imagine. God would take you places that will challenge you to be somebody greater in life because he is a great God that will never give birth to anything that settles in ordinary. Lion beget lion; we have the mind of Christ and God’s DNA.

Your number one step in changing your life is to figure out what matters, to concentrate on what counts, and to finish what you started. You cannot have a gold medal unless you win a game!

*You cannot be a powerful inspirational speaker unless you are a thinker and searcher of Gods wisdom
*You cannot be a powerful motivational speaker unless you enhance your capacity with (fasting) and prayer. Sometime you see some people when they speak they sound so powerful, don’t you know there is prize for that?

  • You can’t have a strong family if you merely talk about building a better relationship with your spouse and kids but fail to have the difficult conversations with them that allow you to do so.
    *You won’t grow a great business if you only talk about it, and never sit down to create your action steps and implement that blueprint.
    *You’ll never help more people if you don’t become a massive action taker.
    *You won’t transform your body if you merely read about diet and exercise. You have to step up and do the work and take your work to the next level.

Amos confesses that in the scheme of the big world of his day, he really was just a little insignificant human being. When Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, verbally assaulted Amos before king Jeroboam, Amos confesses his meagre and humbled background and status, Look at what he says about himself, I am no prophet, nor a prophet’s son, but I am a herdsman, and a dresser of sycamore trees, and the Lord took me from following the flock and the Lord said to me – Go!,

Sometimes, God challenges those whom the world may think the least of, to do big things and take giant steps.
If a little boy can use a sling shot to bring down a giant
If an abandoned child and a murderer by name Moses can lead a nation out from the bondage of Pharaoh and the great kingdom of Ancient Egypt
If the boy child of a poor Jewish carpenter can justifiably claim to be the saviour of fallen humanity
If twelve “nobodies” can take the Gospel of Christ and turn the world upside down
If a black man from a broken home, reared by a white mother and grandmother can become the President of the United States of America

Then there is no secret what God can do in and with our lives, Because sometimes God challenges little people to take big steps, Sometimes when you take a big step, you might feel that you are out there, all alone The record does not record one friend among the prophets to rise up on Amos side, Clearly, Amos is “out there” alone. When God challenges us to take big steps, some will stand with you, but others will walk away from you. Sometimes the one closest to you will desert you.

Martin Luther King Jr was not popular among all the preachers. Jesus suffered humiliation and crucifixion. When God challenges you to take some big steps, expect some bumps in the road, get ready to have your character assassinated, know that all your friends are not your friends, be alert, stay on guard, put on the full armour of God, watch as well as pray. Amos, the sheepherder, who in no wise had no any prophetic credentials, he wasn’t licensed, he wasn’t ordained, he wasn’t among the court of priests. And Amaziah who is the pastor of Metropolitan, the significant priest in the shrine of the king’s court, ends up in a showdown.

Douglas King in his homiletically perspective writes, The issue at stake is who does indeed call the shots, Amaziah said to Amos, get out of here, don’t ever show your face around these parts again, God says, Amos, go prophesy to my people, Is God calling you and you are still panicking, watch your back. Because if you are not fulfilling a purpose you are committing a suicide

If probably you consider yourself an “Idea person” (jobless) You have so many big ideas for getting new clients, for taking your family on legendary trips, for writing books, for achieving new personal bests, and for changing the world, and of course, somehow doing all of this while working less. If you say yes to too many things; The end result is that you do not finish our big projects that can change our communities and the world.

Here’s what you’re going to do to accomplish more in life.
First, list “what you say” are your top three priorities in life. Next, make a list of activities that you spend the most time on each day.
Now you need to compare the two lists.

Are your actions congruent with your priorities? Or are these out of alignment?

Do you say that you want to improve relationships within your family, but you’re still spending 14 hours per day at work?

Are you telling yourself that building a second income is a top priority, but you watch three hours of television each night?

Are you a minister of gospel that want to deal with people’s problem in prayer but you spend only 30munits in prayer and confront people’s problem for hours?

You must align your habits with your desires.
What habits and rituals can you change so that your priority actions match what you say really matters? What obstacles & temptations do you need to eliminate? What resources do you need? You need to discover to recover. Now that you know, go get them & make these changes. Align your priorities with your actions.

Here is five simply tips you need to change your habits, to get more done, and thus eventually, to improve your life.

*1) Pick one BIG habit you want to change. Pick one that really matters.

*2) Tell positive people that will offer you social support’ Hug motivators

*3) Pick one person – preferably a professional related to your goal. Someone who has done what you want to do. If you want to lose weight, hire a personal trainer or nutritionist to hold you accountable. Make a rule that you must check in with them each night to report on your progress. Don’t hold back. Tell them about every small victory and each obstacle in your way.

*4) Incentivize yourself. Promise yourself a reward for hitting your goal. Or threaten yourself with a punishment if you miss it. No matter if you choose the carrot (the reward) or stick (the punishment), having an incentive in place will increase your compliance to change.

*5) Set The Deadline. Having an endpoint is so important that it gets capitalized. If you don’t have The Deadline, you won’t have an intense stimulus for taking massive action. It’s more important than having an incentive. The Deadline is the ultimate catalyst for taking action. More about a goal with deadline, See my book ‘RISE ABOVE DISCOURAGEMENT’.

In summary, pick the habit to change, tell positive people, step-up, be accountable, know the consequences, go after that reward, and do this all under the pressure of your own personal Deadline.

Finish what you started this time. Prepare each night so that tomorrow doesn’t take you off track. Stay in touch with your social support and accountability professional. Keep your eye on the prize. That is how we make breakthroughs. You can do this because you are divinely loaded creative ingenuity to build and plants, to uproot and destroy or to represent heaven on earth. No matter what your situation, we’ve seen people come from much worse and achieve the dreams that you also desire. Today is the day that starts your journey. No more procrastination.

Fly unlimited.


  1. As always your articles are filled with many tips for success if one is wise enough to implement into their lives. Yes Father God always use the base things of this world to confound. When God says go – will we. Thanks for writing and sharing.😊🙏

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