Your family creates a strong foundation for your emotion as well as physical well-being. In most cases, it’s a family that people go back to after a day’s hard work and unwind, rejuvenate, and re-energize themselves; When we realize that sweetness in our home is the ultimate goal of human development, as pure charm, what we do in life starts making sense. At Happiness Fest our higher purpose is to realize a world with more happiness and less misery, because when we are happy it is possible to be in peace, to achieve sustainable growth, that as human beings we are the best we can be.

But sex outside marriage can disrupt a family. It brought catastrophe to the kingdom of King David, now, to balance the equilibrium. Man is a Spirit being but it is not every man in our world today is spiritual. There are a lot of men out there who are Canal minded and you will know them by their fruits. If such a man happens to be your husband, you have a big role to play for family sweetness. You have to work on your character!

My quote says. Good character is like a golden necklace and you become prettier when you wear it’. By Divine-Royalty

The beauty of every woman is in the character; Woman! Your husband is their lord and master. Being submissive to their husband is your key quality! There is a radical obedient that melt a stone heart and convince a wicked heart to change!

Keep your fit
Men believe in what they see!. Your men have seen and are still seeing those who figure there shape. There is a champion on the inside of every man, that doesn’t want to hear or belief that his wife is odd. Do your best to convince him that the queen he marry is real and don’t make him fill that he made a mistake

When you shape yourself and become a queen your husband saw and will always see, your beauty will continually make your king desire you and what is impossible can be nicknamed possible. If you think it is not true, “ask queen Easter”. Why is it that for over years you got married, you are still struggling to convince you husband over something you want? Does the charm God created in every woman not in you? Or is yours dead? No matter how strong your husband is, the positive still need negative for light to shine. It is time to strategies.

Women believe in what they hear! Why is it that you hardly convince your wife? Maybe you are not faithful or romantic in speech, speaking is a skill, you have acquire that skill. Man, are you a commandment? (Thou shall not all the time?). Can’t you speak to praise your wife? Inspire and motivate her to be better and it is also for your good.

Probably you have port-berry. No that how romantic you are with you port-berry, you will be forcing love. Port-berry is not how to know wealthy people. Your woman also have hard that 2pac is dead. The best model now is 6pack. Keep your fit and be smart, you are not created to eat only; excess fat in the body is bankruptcy, even health in wise.

Joseph son of Jacob is a model, that why pothyfer’s wife couldn’t sleep when he saw him, but (in a negative sense) King David is a model too, that is why Beshaba forgot that she has married. (But in a negative sense) Though” she is ignorant of knowledge of God;. Her action killed her husband.

So men, I can grantee you no matter how expensive your cloth is, it cannot look good on your body unless you keep your fit well. Fitness help you to look smart, boost your self-esteem and you will be proud of who you are. But over-wait attracts extra charge!

Every preacher will not tell you this so that they will not be called a canal preacher. But there are prize for love to keep your home in harmony.
Why do you want to go to heaven? Because there is love and sweetness in heaven;

Why do you want to go to a develop country and stay? Because you admire the beauty of the county; American can go to war because of one of their citizen heard in another country. There is a force in Unity that attracts sweetness.

I can grantee you that the beauty of this life is Love. Have you seen a church fellowship where there is no Love? There revelations are always attack. That one thing or the other is after you. Have you seen a family where there is no Love? Everyone in that family is a suspect especially when the tragedies of life happen. One uncle to another is after you.

Those who pay prize to build Love are the world changers, they are innovators and innovators shape the world.

You can start gym now. Start from running. From 30munits and you will top up. I started from 30munits now I can go hours. The most important part is to cut back on Sugar, Starches and night food! When a woman wants to achieve things in life, they can over-come anything, but it takes energy to get there! Because whatever you want to achieve, you’ll need energy and determination. Rome is not build in a day. Place yourself on diet. Self-discipline does not mean limiting yourself. It’s ability to make a decision and take action. Too much fat on your body is bankrupt until you do something now. Studies have made it clear that fat people dies quickly.

Read more articles in my blog and enjoy yourself. Knowledge is power and the application of knowledge is powerful. I help people to succeed; I empower people with mental energy to take responsibility and action.

Wisdom is mightier than strength.

Fly unlimited.


  1. Great article! Love this phrase of yours: “Those who pay prize to build Love are the world changers, they are innovators and innovators shape the world.”

    Love is what builds relationships and keeps offenses away. Love is what binds a marriage and families together. The Bible says, “love covers a multitude of sins!”

    Thanks for writing and sharing your wisdom.

    Liked by 1 person

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