“Champion is not born anywhere special. Champion is born in the mind” by “Divine-Royalty”

To confirm becoming a champion to the world around you happens anytime you step up to accept the gold medal. Reaching your goal can also be a symbolic of gold medal. Whether in sports, business, music, public speaking or life; “whatever” the process of becoming a champion begins with the right mind-set. An unwavering belief in yourself can carry you through the challenges you will undoubtedly face as you go for your life dream.

What i mean by let’s go to champ is, let’s keep moving forward until we reach our goal and become that champion we are wired to be. Divine-Royalty want to motivate you to take energy drink!, as you (read this write-up) to move forward and not to accept the calamities of life to break you. To empower you with willingness to continue even during the times of great difficulties. Be empowered to keep fighting until you overcome every obstacle, no matter how huge.

Let’s go to champion also mean that we have a priority or a goal in life. How can a blogger stay months without blogging, unless he/she is working on book? Don’t forget as you are sharing information, you are also writing your own story! Do not allow external circumstances to stop you from the pursuit of your goals. Have you failed or is your enthusiasm down? Moving forward helps you to find another way of accomplishing your dreams. If life pushes you to the ground, the willingness to move forward helps you to get back up again. It will get you going again until you have worked yourself out of the difficulties.

Your progress toward success begins with a fundamental question: Where are you going? Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement.” because where purpose is denied, recklessness and abuse becomes the way of life. To be sincere with you, it’s lack of defining your purpose that is a stumbling block to your championship, for ninety-nine out of every hundred people. You simply cannot reach your goals if you have never clearly defined them.

So if there is really something that you have a burning desire to achieve, that is champion crying on the inside of you. If you REALLY want to become a CHAMP, start thinking and acting like one. You can’t think like a local champion and end up as global champion. That’s not a simple or easy task, but it is POSSIBLE. God told Joseph son of Jacob how glorious his future is. But he did not tell him the pain he will pass through to reach there. The assignment will be done by you, so, stop panicking and take responsibility. Have you seen where a failure is celebrated? A failure will come and go as nobody. Nevertheless, what is difference between you and other champions that is pulling crowd because of their impacts? Don’t allow graveyard to rub your potential. Say no to that. It can’t be you and here are ten tips that can help you….

1) TAKE RISKY; No progress in life comes without risks. You don’t necessarily have to take the riskiest alternative in order to move forward. However, shying away from any kind of risk will only paralyze you. There are some situations in which you simply have to confront the unknown. If you allow uncertainty and fear to stop you from doing what is necessary, nothing will be accomplished.

2) BEING COMMITTED ENOUGH. Ask yourself how badly you want to move on with your life. If you are only half-heartedly committed to affecting changes in your life, you will quickly become discouraged. However, if you are committed and if you know exactly what you want, you will thrive

3) HAVE DIRECTION. If you don’t know what it is you want to keep moving forward to, you will only waste your time. Not having a clear destination in mind will only lead you to go in circles. But once you do know exactly what you want and where you want to go, nothing can stop you from gradually getting closer to your goals.

4) BELIEVE IN YOURSELF; Why should anyone give their very best to move forward in life if they don’t even believe that they can succeed at it? A great obstacle that prevents many from making progress in life is that they lack faith in themselves. They are overtly critical about themselves and give their best to keep themselves small. Therefore, try to assess your abilities realistically and start believing in yourself. You can definitely make it, as long as you are absolutely convinced of it.

5) COMFORTABILITY; However, becoming comfortable is not always such a good thing. It limits your progress and prevents you from moving forward. Try not to feel too comfortable within your comfort zone. Instead, try to test your limits and seek to go further. Explore the unknown and push yourself to reach new heights.

6) LAZINESS/BEING UNPRODUCTIVE. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that being unproductive and lazy does not help you to make progress in your life. All they do is waste your precious time. At one point in your life, however, you have to ask yourself this question if you want to continue seeking pleasurable distractions or if you are finally willing to make progress.

7) OVERTHINKING. It’s always good to think about your actions. Thinking and planning are essential elements of the pursuit of your goals. However, these two aspects alone won’t affect anything. It is required to combine thinking and planning with action. Those who overthink even the most insignificant decisions never take action based upon their plans. Instead, they will find one reason after another why it is better to find a much better alternative.

8) MAKE ADJUSTMENT. It is insane to expect different results when doing the same over and over again. If you find that your present activities do not help you to make progress in life, see if you can make adjustments. Be willing to experiment with new approaches.

9) WAITING FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT. There will never be the right time and the perfect moment. As you wait for the perfect time to come, you only waste important time. If you want to move forward in life, seize this very moment.

10) PERFECTION. In certain professions, perfection is the key to greatness. But life is not always about making things perfect. It’s all about doing what gives you results. In this sense, obsessive perfection can be quite an obstacle. This is especially the case when your desire to make something perfect stops you from using your time efficiently. Very soon, you will be that champion or celebrity we are waiting for.

Fly unlimited.


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