Correction Done Politely Is Like A Renovated House

Are you a Leader, mentor, coach or a teacher? Whatever, There is a time and place to summon people for correction. If you’re always correcting people on their weakness or wrong doing, then you become that person which no one will like. Correction is always seen as judgement to those who still love there sin. There are times when people need to be corrected, both for their own self-improvement. But how well matters

Correction done politely is like a renovated house says Divine-Royalty.

We renovate our world and our house to look good not to look bad more than as it was before. Don’t correct to abuse or to destroy but to rebuild or renovate. We keep on renovating each other as long as we continue to be our brothers or sisters keeper. No one is above mistakes, and once there will be mistake there will be correction because nobody is a monopoly of knowledge. If not because we struggle so much with pride, correction can be difficult to give graciously and difficult to receive graciously.

Wisdom must be applied while correcting people and those who accept corrections are wise people. But according to nature, if you correct people with mental authority using hash voice, it take someone being gentle enough to take it from you! “In other words” You will crash with mental authority people (Wrong or right). To know more about mental authority, see my blog in a topic I titled. (THERE IS NO STUBBORN CHILD, ONLY MENTAL AUTHORITY) A great man says. When a stupid man wants to correct a nagging woman; he will hush her up! (Short up!) But when a wise man want to correct a nagging woman; he will tell her; your mouth look beautiful when you close it.

Here is four suggestions I have on how to correct people politely.

1) Being private or privatise it
Correcting should always take place privately. When correcting an adult or child in public, the person remembers the embarrassment they felt more than the ‘correct answer’ to what they were corrected for. For example, if you are ought to correct a child in a classroom, it should be done anonymously. Correcting someone in public usually indicates that you have no respect for the person.

2) Being gentle or (maintain your gentility)
It’s important to be constructive in any correction. Correction should be done gently, with love and with a soft voice of tone. Remember that your tone of voice will convey as much of your heart as your words will when correcting someone. You should always start with something positive. Be personable and understanding. Avoid using defensive body language like crossing your arms. Do your very best to maintain an overall upbeat demeanour. Your tone and overall presentation can really make or break the difference between constructive and condescending. Also, remember, helping someone avoid further embarrassment is honourable and showing sense of belonging.

3) Being explanatory
Criticism without an action plan is worthless. Give them direction or keep your mouth shut. Before correcting someone, especially when correcting them publicly, ask yourself this question: Will the information I give by correcting the person bring about enough ‘good’ to offset the embarrassment the other person will feel? Only if the answer is yes should you proceed. Correction that will have the person thanking you instead of resenting you is appropriate. You may also provide evidence, if required, to assist your correction, but do not sound authoritative. Being overly authoritative, confrontational, and closed-minded when making a correction will only serve to make you look pretentious and condescending.

4) Being sincere
Be sincere when you are correcting people. For Example. Make sure you are not victims of what you correcting people for because he will see you as nuisance. Or if you are victim, be open to tell the person that you are once a victim of that, and elaborate the damages it has bring to you. Even if that person don’t accept it that time on the third day of his life the truth will break out of grave and made known to the person.

People will always want to be around those who are sincere, for that sincere people are trustworthy and can help improve other’s life. Sincerity allows one to be honest towards others and everyone wants honesty. By being sincere, we improve relationship with ones around us by expressing our honest opinions. Relationships with others are improved with trust, which is one of the elements of sincerity. It is important to be sincere because truths are better than lies.

Wisdom is profitable to direct


    • If you are kind enough to correct the person and the person keep distance, let him be… your seed-word will germinate someday even without your notice

      When I was a kid, there is a man I hate due to he always like to correct me. But today I discover that he is the person that mean well to me


      • Actually sir I was talking about me. I am not the one who corrects other even there are some people who corrects me and I am the one who keeps distance from them.😜😜☺️☺️☺️. I won’t say I am a bad girl but I am not good enough to correct someone and I am not wise enough too☺️☺️


      • Depending on the person correcting you and what the person is correcting you for. Converting or convincing someone to be like me is not correction.

        Secondly. Sometimes you may Star a goal people may not like it at that time but when you bring result, they will celebrate you.

        If your mind map is directing you and another person is trying to take you off from your direction using connection. Don’t listen to that. In that case you only need a mentor and a mentor is someone who have done what you want to do


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