Most Heroes Were Once Called Bad Name

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, a political leader and philanthropist who was once called a criminal but he later succeeded, becoming a South African President and today, people are using him as reference.

Mazi Nnamdi Okwu Kanu is a British Nigerian Biafra political activist. He is the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The main aim of IPOB is to create an independent state for the people of old Eastern Region of Nigeria through referendum. Kanu and (IPOB) group who have being protesting for the freedom of indigenous people of Biafran, without weapon, and without violence has received all manner of attacks, insult, bad names and killings even from his own tribe. Today many people are calling him a terrorist, but tomorrow will tell!

If Moses stopped when one of his brothers asked him, do you want to kill me as you did to one of the Egyptian the other day? The deliverance of Israelite would have been procrastinated.
If Nelson Mandela stopped when protestant told him that he is not obedient or humble, The leadership in him would have not manifest.

Whose voice are you listening?
The passion of a Champion is the fuel that drives him. Champion’s mentality is always complicated and different from others! Champions owe a quote that says, it is better to be controversial than to be inconsequential

All Christian have the same spiritual DNA. Everyone who is destined to succeed in life will at some time be the subject of mockery or criticism. If you are now facing this type of abuse from people, either in your personal circle or at work, it’s valuable insight to know exactly why it’s happening so you can deal with it wisely. Mockery and criticism is a good sign. When people mock, criticize and laugh in your face, know that you are on the road to success.
Josef von Sternberg once quoted the only way to succeed is to make others hate you. In reality, the cruel behaviour they throw at you is indicative that you are doing well in life or that you’re disheartening them in some way. If that was not the case, they would not bother with you! It is that you are a personal threat to them that propels them to hunt you down.

Hold your head up high; Refuse to see such people as big, whilst feeling small within. Thinking you’re their victim will do nothing but put you in a powerless position. These types of people are too cowardly to venture out of their comfort zones and allow their fears to keep them from chasing their dreams. The only objective mockers and critics have is to stop you from moving to greatness. So endure the humiliation of mockery and criticism. Your job is rise above it and dare to do what is right in fulfilling your destiny. Play deaf and blind, don’t hear the criticism. Don’t focus on the disapproving looks of others. Reproaches should pass by you without a care.

Be as stubborn as a mule; the mule is a stubborn self-cantered animal who is only concerned with his own interests. Be positive over your passion and succeed as a HERO, because success is the greatest revenge!

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  1. I am very much impressed with yr words : ‘Be as stubborn as a mule; the mule is a stubborn self-cantered animal who is only concerned with his own interests. Be positive over your passion and succeed as a HERO, because success is the greatest revenge’, which implies that one must be immersed in his quest for set goals may the world make a hue & cry over anything or everything. An activist has his own way of bringing about much desired change for the betterment of all even at the cost of being labelled a terrorist!So work like a mule and let the world go to hell.Thanks Sir!


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