Don’t Rubbish Yourself By Taking Shortcut

Babies don’t talk immediately when they are born. It must take process by “Divine-Royalty”

Those who try to take wrong shortcut has end up taking long way! The reason why many people fall into problems is because they want to catch all the money they see. Do you know that those who bought Jesus the Christ rejected the returned money from Judas and said, it’s a blood money?.
The law of Karma stated that whatever you do to others good or bad must surely come back to you. And the bible says that whatever you sow, you will rip! And it working among every race, Black and white

There is no shortcut to anywhere worth going. There is no substitute for doing the work. Meditate on this every day: “I will do the work.” As Einstein once said, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% effort.” You must run to be a runner. You must write to be a writer. You must actively attend to your relationships if you want them to flourish.

By all means, find ways to be more efficient. But make no mistake that it takes diligent effort to build something worthwhile. There are certainly some success stories out there about people who excelled rather quickly, but you will usually find they had put in years of related work long before anyone was paying attention to their seemingly rapid success. In other words, their current state of achievement is simply all those years of work coming together flawlessly in the present.
The most effective way to handle what must be done is to do it. Put in the required labour. Don’t sell yourself short by taking shortcuts.

People in their quest to become financially successful in life by all means; Many after achieving great success later lose everything they have acquired because of wrong shortcut. There is no quick success again I said, instead, you take away from yourself the ability to grow in experience or wisdom before you get where you are going in life that fall into passing through process. If a baby born today stated talking immediately. Know that something is wrong. Because the baby did not go through process;

There are things prayer can do and there are things you don’t need prayer to do but application of knowledge which is wisdom. A great man said that God give you brain so that he can have rest. No-matter the prayer of 5years old boy, he cannot drive a truck. He must at least get to 21years and pass the process going to driving school before one. A young man working in a high office and an old man working a hard labour job is product of ignorant not because of the devil, probably the young man pass through process and old man did not.

Many people want to become Christians because they want to go to Heaven when they die, and they want to enjoy the blessings of God while they are here. But they don’t want to change who they are or put any effort into being a Christian. They look for the shortest and easiest way to become wealthy that requires the least amount of effort to gain instant results. They lather pray and blame the devil why they are the way they are.
And the world has offered a shortcut under the guise of Christianity that millions of people are falling prey to.

Taking shortcuts means that you are admitting failure up front. It’s pretty mentally damaging. If you really thought you could realize your dreams, you wouldn’t be tempted by the thought of taking shortcuts. Admit it. You’ve had the same doubts that I have had. Can I do this? Can I make this happen? Do I have the guts to try one more time?
When your answer to these questions is in the shortcut rather than focused intensity, you are admitting to yourself (and soon to others) that you are a failure. You may throw out your chest and claim to be on top. But you know, deep down, that you are not.

Why do people fail to become successful in life?
Many people have encountered a lot of failure simply because they were not patience with themselves or with their businesses, and marriages. They desperately tend to take the short cut to get baby or rich quicker but at the end become disappointed, frustrated and humiliated. They become failures and had to start life from the scratch. Those who are strong enough are able to push through with life, knowing that sincerity pays and integrity is who are, but the lazy ones choose to go with short cuts, no wonder some huge and handsome guys in abroad has taken importing woman for prostitution as business. While some are damaging the image of their brothers in the business field through backstabbing and pretty lies; just to take away their client. It is common in Dubai where I reside, and I know this message will not be funny but I am not afraid of who I am meant to be.

Many people major goal in life is to become successful, no man wishes to be poor, because poverty does a lot of damage to our life, our ego and our pride. It deprives us from acquiring genuine respect from others; it deprives us from recognitions and also deprives us from so many things and makes us humble even to our younger ones. Poverty leads to sin, it deprives us our freedom of speech and association. And it also deprives us from enjoying the beautiful creature God has kept for us to enjoy on this earth.

For these negative reasons, everybody whether young or old wish to become successful, to be recognized in the society and be treated with respect, recognition and dignity. Many people fail to become successful in life not because there are incapable of achieving genuine success but because they fail to plan and are too desperate in achieving success and in the process of their desperation, they make a huge mistake that prove very difficult to be corrected.

I have a story of a man who was ones engaged in rubbery. He succeed and build paradise on earth and quite rubbery. In his old age when he is no longer strong, people came from nowhere and destroy his house over riot. And that is (karma).
Why is it that if someone win any Governmental post in Africa, his family, friends and all will be celebrating? Because they are sure he is going to have much of wealth under shortcut.

The reason why gambling is a sin is because it fall under of shortcut; if you don’t pass through process, you will not make sense. The joy of money is not just people giving you money but the prize you pay before getting it. Those who are swindling others are living in misery. In Case you don’t know, everything God created is attached under law. Both neutral and supernatural, and any law you break will surely break you. Spiritual law stated that when you sin, you will die (spiritually) Natural law. If you jump from skyscraper, God don’t need to judge you but Natural law will deal with you. Or if you refuse to put petrol in your car; You don’t need to pray for the car to move. You only need petrol or the car will not move. That is law of the car for car to move.

I decided years ago to take complete and total responsibility for all of my actions. I would vow to no longer blame other people for things that happened in my life.
That was one of the most empowering positions to be in. To take full responsibility for everything in my entire life really had a profound effect on me. It’s easy to blame others because then we don’t have to use our own creative capacity to figure out where things went wrong. And we also don’t have to figure out solutions to prevent them from happening again.

Blaming others is easy.
When I used to blame others, I’d feel a little boost to my ego. I’d feel a little more powerful and then continue on myself destructive ways without any awareness of preventing them from happening again.

Blaming other people for your actions can become addicting. It requires very little effort and it allows you to continue acting in ways that are self-sabotaging.

Taking shortcuts conflicts with the outrageous effort needed to be successful.
The inherent idea that you can realize your wildest dreams without a passionate investment of mind, body, and soul is just nutty. You can’t get more from your life by doing less.

When you slow down and cheat yourself out of the self-investment necessary to build a brilliant destiny, you just won’t ever find yourself where you want to be. To be successful, you have to work so hard your eyes have blisters. Against all odds you have to keep trying — when you’re sick, when you’re broke, when you have no fans. It’s raw sweat equity.

Taking shortcuts conflicts with everything that outrageous effort leads to. You do nothing that means anything and still get everything.
Taking shortcuts doesn’t mean you end up where you wanted to be.

Since there is rarely a certain, unchanging “end point” for success, you can’t take a shortcut to a destination that doesn’t exist.
Ever thought you really wanted something, only to change your mind once you see what you got? You thought that you would be happy — and you weren’t. Why?

Success is process — a mind-set. And while success includes milestones, the emphasis is on the journey not on the original destiny. Most of us dream too small. We take our destiny and shrink it down into a small container that the critics can’t get to.

Life has an amazing way of helping you realize your dreams in ways far from what you could have ever imagined at the beginning of your dream. It’s bigger. It’s better. There’s no way to get there with a shortcut
Dream bigger than ever.

And don’t steal your chance at an amazing destiny by taking a shortcut. It’s not fair to you.
Everyone wishes for success in his or her chosen field in life. How people choose to define success for themselves is personal and unique. But while there are many paths we can take to succeed it is always best to avoid taking short cuts. Short cuts may bring success in the short run, but it usually leads to needless problems in the end.

Short Cuts in Sports: Breaking the Rules
Nowhere are the dangers of short cuts more apparent than in the world of sports. Many top athletes have used anabolic steroids to enhance strength and performance. But such usage puts their bodies at risk due to the side effects of the drugs. Also, in combat sports like mixed martial arts, it could harm their opponents. Due to the ban on doping in sports, many top athletes found doping themselves have had their wins, championships and medals revoked. In addition to disgrace, all they have achieved before also becomes suspect.

Short Cuts in the World: Breaking the Law
Taking short cuts in the world to succeed quickly may involve breaking the law. This could involve bribes, stealing, exhortation or embezzlement of funds, depending on one’s audacity. The consequences of such short cuts can easily destroy lives and futures. Even if the criminal does manage to get away with it in the short run, he will have to spend the rest of his life in fear. This is because if the law catches up with him, he will have to pay a heavy price for his actions. At that point, a moment’s folly or greed may not be worth it to him.

Arrest by Sanden
The Benefits of Taking the Longer Road
There is no short cut to success. Although the road to success may be longer, it is much more secure in the end. Here then are some of the benefits of taking the longer road to success.

  1. Legitimacy
    Success due to short cuts may lack legitimacy. If the means you have used to achieve this success is questionable, it may open you up to attacks. Instead of taking the time to enjoy your success, you may end up having to defend yourself from needless problems.
    By avoiding short cuts and doing things the right and proper way, the success you achieve becomes legitimate. No one can find loopholes in which to criticize your success. Neither will they find any way to question its validity. When your success is beyond reproach, you can enjoy your success with fewer problems and worries.
  2. Peace of Mind
    The use of certain short cuts may require you to hide them from the public eye. As long as you rely on such dubious short cuts, you will not be able to have peace of mind or to enjoy your success. If your success is not fully transparent, it may be a matter of time before people find out. When they do, you will have to face the consequences as well. This will cause many needless problems for you.
    Success that you have truly earned with blood and sweat brings peace of mind. You can take pride in it and hold your head high. There is no shame or fear of being a fraud and disgraced because you have attained your success through hard work and prudence. In short, you will have a clear conscience with nothing to hide. No one can take success achieved in this manner away from you.
  3. Lasting Success
    What good is success if it does not last and collapses easily? Success gained through short cuts might be fast, but it lacks a firm foundation to stand on. Without a firm foundation, it is hard to have success that is solid and lasting. Also, there is the price you have to pay for the short cut, which may undermine and destroy your success in the end.
    Success that comes through hard work, perseverance and prudence is more lasting. You know what works and what does not work. You know what to do and what not to do. The foundation upon which you have built your success is firm and enduring due to gradual development. This allows you to build even greater success upon it.
  4. Confidence
    You will be confident to move around and go everywhere without fear
    Many politicians who is rubbing public found cannot move around without escort that equip themselves with arm especially in Africa. The same is many who stay abroad without dream of going home because those they have duped or swindled with come against them
    Remember the problems we are facing in the world today are Abrahamic impatient to God’s promise and chose shortcut. Please do not take shortcut.
    Fly unlimited.


  1. How good it is that I did not take shortcuts in my life,Now I am satisfied and I have achieved what I have with hard work, honestly and with God’s help.
    It gives satisfaction. I agree with you. You are a great orator. I was lucky to find your blog

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “If something is worth doing it’s worth doing well”, “Good things take time”, “There is no substitute for hard work”. We’ve all heard these words, it’s about putting them into action every day!


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