Dear friend, humility is not timidity, some people use this word, “you are prideful” “you’re not humble” to bring you down when you are flying. Timidity is being comfortable with status qoe or present mess, but Humility seeks to be better. Timidity is okay in the comfort zone but humility seeks knowledge, strive to learn and get better.

Jealous lovers are good in destroying peoples passion using this word in negative sense, that’s why when you want to make difference they tag you pride, and I have learnt my lesson with my past events. Everyone can not be the same, “shoes get sizes and if you present yourself to a rate, cat will chase after you.

Lions don’t mingle with cats. Eagle doesn’t flock around with chicken. No matter the economy of the jungle, lions will never eat grass. Respect everyone but never ever forget that you’re equally important. Be at peace with everyone but never try to be everybody’s friend. Be open but selective. If you flock with penguins, you will never fly like eagles.

If you present yourself funny, people will treat you like a joke. No one can sit on your back if you’re standing on your feet. Sometimes where you stand determines how people values you in life, and the price you put on yourself determines your worth. Once you know your worth, how people values you becomes irrelevant.

When the LORD laid this on my heart, and thought of sharing it, I was only thinking positively because I know God has a great love for all of His beloved children, so understand why I’m sharing this with you today. There’s this subtle dangerous force, a spiritual plague that pull people down into darkness & doom called – Pride anyway. This is a silent killer, a destiny destroyer and a radical impediment! Beware, it’s your real enemy!

We need to come down in order to go up, we don’t climb trees from the top. Pride makes us more like Satan than the saints we are. Needless to say, it depletes our spiritual power & effectiveness! Remember that God promotes the humble without limits.

However, I agree that humble people are expected to respect people, give consideration to others and exercise a great deal of restraint. Because of these attributes, humility has often been misconstrued as passive involvement, unbridled acquiescence and obvious timidity.

Such misconstruction has caused a dilution of the virtue of humility. Hence the value of humility has been lost on many people, as if it is an attribute of weak people. On the contrary, true humility is real strength. It is strength under the clothing of composure, circumspection and consideration. Above all humility is not timidity. You can’t get to the high life by being timid. Some people mistake timidity for humility. But humility is a virtue; while timidity is a disease.

Fly unlimited


  1. This was so very well thought out in explaining the difference of pride vs humility! So often people do not understand between the two, but you have cleared this up. Another wonderful encouraging post my Friend. God Bless You.

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