I want to speak on LOVE and KINDNESS. Love, Kindness and compassion are qualities that live within all of us. You don’t buy them or own them -you live them. Am sure God our creator loaded in all of us the capacity to LOVE, but we have refuse to enhance the capacity

Listen to wisdom if you want to make sense, Patience and forgiveness are the younger sister of Love and kindness, The name of their brother is called. Generosity, which must bear fruit in a good heart,

Patient/Longsuffering endures the injuries of others and kindness pays them back only with good deeds. Long suffering says, I’ll take anything from my enemies. Kindness says, I’ll give anything” what? “to my enemies, to meet their need.” Now, that’s the essence of it.

Kindness is just the other side, The root word in the Greek is “useful. I will do anything that will be of use to my enemy, that will be of use to another. I will live my life to benefit others.” That’s what he’s saying.

Love is conscious of using itself on others. Love is useful to other people. It’s not an abstract. It’s not an adjective. It’s the deed of kindness. It’s the deed of generosity. It’s the act that you do for someone else that they need done.

When it says love is kind, it isn’t talking about a sweet attitude, it’s talking about a useful deed to someone else. Love gives itself away to help somebody, even an enemy. When Jesus said, Love your enemies, He didn’t say, “Feel good about them. He was simply saying this. Do good things for your enemies.

Blessed are the good doers, not the receivers, Jesus give himself to those who hate him. And his name is lifted up in heaven. Earth and under the earth, When you start paying the price of doing good, blessing others with what you have, financially, potentially and otherwise, you will keep on increasing in all ratification.

Good things is simple but hard to do, but not to the chosen ones. Try hard to overcome the upcoming doom. Expo is for you to pass exam not to fall. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

Fly unlimited


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