Your character is the first chapter in the book of knowledge. Spending time working on our strengths and weaknesses is time well spent! What virtues are you showing in your behavior? Are you prudent, kind and just? Are you resilient and strong? Are you temperate? Are you honest?

As many famous people have written, your character is one thing you always want to be aware of, because your character determines your reputation. Actions speak louder than words, so as a wise man once said, The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.

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Our Character is built from our habits, our Habits are built by our actions. Our Actions are created from our thoughts, (You can quote me on that), There is no break down or fall-off in that chain,

All character is determined by habits, actions and thougts. All habits are determined by actions and thoughts and all actions are determined by thughts alone, Before anyone points it out, there is a gap between a person’s actual character, and their precieved character, but they are two different things.

Your character is personal, but your precieved character has to do with your relationship and the characters of all those who precieve you, Even thought this chain does not break, you are still in control. You determine your character by choosing your thoughts.

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No one doubts that the words we write or speak are an expression of our inner thoughts and personalities. But beyond the meaningful content of language, a wealth of unique insights into an author’s mind are hidden in the style of a text in such elements as how often certain words and word categories are used, regardless of context.

it’s vital to check in on your character. Your character can hinder your and your character can pave way for you. People with good intentions make promise but people with good character keep them. Living with integrity means always keeping your character in check because integrity is who you are.

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