The closer you get to God, the better you’re going to understand yourself. That’s because God is your Creator. The more you understand your Creator, the more you understand yourself because you are his creation.

While we remain ignorant of ourselves, we are contented with where we are and unlikely to despise the flesh. In doing so, we may find ourselves living comfortably in and of the world.

Our loathsome sin nature continually entices us to resist surrendering our lives to God; willful ignorance of our true nature only strengthens this resistance.

The person lacking true knowledge of his corrupt nature is easily contented with his present state and inwardly fears that a deeper level of dedication to Jesus will disrupt his sense of personal peace.

Such persons heed their carnal nature as it whispers words of deceit, saying things like, Don’t get too serious about following Jesus, it will cost you all the stuff you enjoy, or Life just won’t be as much fun.

However, contrary to a life of enforced austerity and the absence of pleasure, the denial of self is actually the means to true pleasure (joy) as one abides in Christ and discovers a new freedom from which one can truly enjoy life and the many and abundant gifts of God.

How tragic that we resist the call of God because we foolishly listen to our deluded selves, believing that increased devotion will leave us in a lesser state, when in fact it is the path to unspeakable joy and enduring peace.

Where there is no inspiration to aspire, people expires. Wisdom is profitable to direct.

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  1. “Prayer is an earnest and
    familiar talking with God.” – John Knox

    “I understand myself in God,
    because I worship God,
    ’cause I believe in God,
    ’cause I have faith in God
    *&* ’cause God answers my prayers I know their is the presence of God!” _-Van Prince

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