When love sees somebody who’s prosperous, when love sees somebody who’s popular, when love sees somebody who’s powerful, rich, beautiful or gifted, love is glad for them and love rejoices.

Philippians chapter1, Paul writes from jail and he said, Yes, I’m in jail, There are some new young preachers coming along, and the people are beginning to accept them, and some of those young preachers are saying, The reason Paul’s in jail is because the whole process went by him, he’s old-fashioned, he blew his ministry, he’s not useful to the Lord so the Lord put him on a shelf.

And he says: Yes, some are preaching Christ contentiously, supposing to add affliction to my bonds. In other words, it isn’t bad that I’m in chains, they want to add more injury. And what’s my reaction to them? Am I jealous that they’re in the limelight? Am I jealous that they’re the new breed of preachers? Am I jealous that they are doing what I used to do only they’re getting all the flowers and all the hurrahs? No.

He says: What do I care? Christ is preached and in that I” what? I rejoice!, You see, that’s the spirit that says, I don’t envy anybody who does what I do, even if they do it better than I do, and even if they get more applause than I do. Love just rejoices in their success, in their usefulness

It’s not enough to preach or write in a big board. it’s by application, because application of knowledge is wisdom. Owe no man nothing but LOVE.

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