Abuse of power is a very dangerous thing since it has the capability to boomerang any time. The abuse of power is the misuse of a position of power to take unjust advantage of individuals,

Power is good but when it is giving to someone with a negative mindset, it become disastrous. In other words, A pressing iron is cold and ineffective if it is not plugged to power, but when it get uncontrollably defeated, it can damage your cloth

African are still struggling in power because they think that being in power is to become alpha and omega. They care about what they will acquire lather than the impact they will make.

The grandparents of abuse of power is called pride. Because of the poisonous mindset of a prideful mind – prideful people are, ironically, the most likely ones to be stuck in mediocrity and image management. Don’t let it be you. Stay humble

Of all the good things you are seeing in our world today that is making life better is the impact and product of the great protagonist who are hardworking and busy in their assignments, they are the innovators and inventors that shape our world.

If you refuse to develop yourself when you have the chances, commanding only authority, time will come when you will go out of model. You know, when you deal with people with patience, it has a tremendous effect. When there’s no retaliation. A great story of that concerns Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln made a lot of friends, made some enemies. One man who became a rather outspoken enemy was named Stanton, Some of you historians can remember him. Stanton just despised Lincoln. In fact, in print, he called him a low, cunning clown.

And on one occasion he nicknamed him the original gorilla, and he said that it was ridiculous for people to go to Africa, wandering around trying to find a gorilla when they could find one easily in Springfield, Illinois.

Very bitter toward Lincoln and Lincoln never ever replied to him. Never said a word to him. Came time to choose war minister for the United States government and Lincoln chose Stanton. Somebody said, Why? He said, Because he’s the best man.

The years wore on and the biographer said this: The night when the assassin’s bullet tore out Lincoln’s life, in the little room to which the President’s body was taken, there stood that same Stanton, looking down into the silent face of Lincoln in all its ruggedness, and speaking through his tears, these words:

There lies the greatest ruler of men the world has ever seen. He never accepted Lincoln’s politics, but he couldn’t resist his patience. He couldn’t resist the non-retaliating spirit of the man. The song says: Killing her softly with kindness, Patience.


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