Christ in me is priceless! And you?

I discover that many have conceived negative agenda about Christmas, while some have meet with friends who fuel their ego on how to travel or not to celebrate Christmas big time! even those who disguise themselves claiming to be what they are not are busy deceiving people with little mind. Desperation has being fueled to many to do all kinds of rubbish to make money. Some people who promised God to die with Him during pandemic have forgotten so easy! Not withstanding, Do not be decisive to lose the vision of who you are, the purpose you are here to fulfill by letting negative agenda in. The greatest tragedy on earth is not earthquake or death, but losing yourself while trying to celebrate Christmas

We celebrate the best gift God has given to mankind on earth His only begotten son. “Yehoshua” (Jesus Christ) Many people decorate their homes, visit families, friends and exchange gifts. In the days or even weeks before Christmas Day, many people decorate their homes and gardens with lights, Christmas trees and much more, which is good. But while celebrating, keep in your mind that we celebrate to the glory of God not to be peoples pleaser! We celebrate with wisdom, not with senseless. We give gift to people willingly not to create awareness, so don’t do anything beyond your capacity because life goes on after the celebration and there’s more Christmas to celebrate. Remember giving suppose to create joy within not sad face. So, cut your coat according to your cloth!

Negative thoughts stick around because we believe them, not because we want them or choose them. Bondage is subjection to external influences and internal negative thoughts and attitudes

Why do you want to go negative because you wanted to celebrate Christmas? many people are committing different types of crime to celebrate it in extraordinary way, living big, buy big cars, extra makeup for extremely beauty and handsome, some will spend extravagantly in brevera and so many other things. Some are busy buying nice cloth like no other, getting ready for parties here and there. All these are good if you can afford it and enjoy your life when you’re are still living but messing your life because you want to celebrate beyond your capacity is a tragedy!

So, “Pounder this nugget” Trying to succeed without God is like a blind man trying to pass thread from the needle. Living life outside your purpose is like someone who look at himself in mirror in the morning and afternoon time, forget how he look like. If you miss following the map given to you in your mind by God and follow the advice given to you by another person. You are following the map given to you by meer human, and you will miss your way because you left Divine direction. Always follow your future plans and what your heart is telling you, and avoid giving attention to people sorrounding you to overtake, control and change your thoughts.

“Moreover” not every person giving you advices is your good wisher!! some people try to change the attitudes of others after realising that their targets are positive, and start trying to change them to negative! So, the choice is yours!!

A man who knows where his going travel bravery with courage, strength, and awareness to become the person he desires. There are many roads in this world that will guide you to pleasurable, fun, and exciting destinations that do not end in any form of lasting happiness, So before you step on an enticing path, figure out where it leads, you may not like reading this because of the decision you have taken but my speech is not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. It takes but one positive thought when given a chance to survive and thrive to overpower an entire army of negative thoughts.

To avoid regretting tomorrow, embrace self discipline. Recognizing that the power of will is the supreme court over all other departments of your mind, I will exercise it daily, when I need the urge to action for any purpose; and I will form habits designed to bring the power of my will into action at least once daily.

The worst thing about Christmas is when it ends. It’s all over, this big build up just for a day. The Christmas buzz, joy and happiness, is all just gone and done with for another year overnight.

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Fly unlimited


  1. “Christmas is Jesus Birthday
    highlighting God, spotlighting SantaClaus
    comprising Christmas from parents to children to neon lights
    allowing Mankind to celebrate Christian in Civilization
    recoginzing all human beings making Christmas Day
    greater than every day
    ’cause it’s Jesus Christ Birthday.”

    By: Van Prince

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  2. How wonderful to see another who sees things for what they truly are. As you said all the chaos of this time of year for just one day of joy which will be over and done quickly. Gods spirit of giving is not limited to once a year, but for all year long although you would not know it to look around at christmas. The only good thing about this year is because more are ordering on line the news is not showing people fighting and actually running over each other as the stores open to get the best but…all in the name of the Lord of course. Frivolous! Be Blessed.

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  3. When we try to succeed by our own strength we succumb to the world’s view of what is important. We are not living for what we leave behind. If we are doing life right, we are living for God, and His strength is so much more than we can fathom.

    Thank you for sharing these words. I needed them right now, as I was experience a moment of weakness, an army of negative thoughts as you say. And this one positive thought has chased that temptation away into the night, so I can take a heart of peace to bed and sleep.

    Go well into your week, my friend!

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