DivineRoyalty Motivational Quotes

Our appetite dictate the direction of our lives: Unknown

Losers traveled out of his village in search of greener pasture and see only the giants and hide in the house of a prostitute but champions discovers milk and honey_”Divine-Royalty”

Those who are looking for quantity loses quality and those who are looking for quality catches Excellency.

You can’t Love by mouth, but by act. Love take muscle to demonstrate._”Divine-Royalty”

No one deserves Love! Love is not giving on merit. But you must give it out._”Divine-Royalty”

If Destiny can not be denie, why did great men said that the richest place on earth is graveyard?

Shortcut rub you the knowledge you would have grab through pain_Divine-Royalty.

Self-love builds you with the capacity to love others_Divine-Royalty

“Procrastination is a laziness strategy to sabotage you from early rising”_Divine-Royalty

Don’t be afraid to love again. Not everyone is as stupid as those who rubbish you in the past. Unknown

Hope energizes you to overcome obstacles and help you to keep moving_”Divine-Royalty”

Never say never. Impossibility is temporal not permanent. it’s a suggestion to the weak, not for the strong men

Your future should be greater than you yesterday, trust the next chapter because you are the author.

Those who hate knowledge are lovers of ignorant. They enjoy doing stupid things

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