Champions are those with crazy mindset

There are only two conditions in life, to accept things the way it is OR to take responsibility and change it. People are like tea bag and if you want to know who they are, put them in a hot water.

Nelson Mandela said, I was called a terrorist yesterday, but when i came out of jail, many people embraced me, including my enemies, and that is what i normally tells other people who say those who are struggling for liberation in their country are terrorist. Nelson Mandela is the former president of South Africa, as well as a well-known and respected humanitarian, activist, philanthropist, politician, and revolutionary. Millions look towards Mandela’s actions as they fight for their own human rights across the world. It is hard to argue against the idea that he was one of the most influential leaders in recent memory.

The Champions are not the different people. They are one among us. All the great winners of the world that we know were not born rich. Many even didn’t meet the basic requirements in their life. Many didn’t have the chance to complete even their education in life. Many had a poor childhood devoid of all of basic necessities.

I have bent down and see life and discover that every story needs a hero, and if you don’t create your own story, you will end up reading the story other people has created. Champions are the ones that overcome the odds and achieve their own form of greatness. Not all champions wear gold medals or title belts; a champion is somebody who does whatever it takes to achieve their goal, to be the best that they can be. Most important of all a champion is someone who every time they fail and get knocked down, gets right back up and straight back to work. You don’t need to be the best in order to be a champion; you just need to become the best of you, which you can possibly be.

Champions do not allow themselves to be stopped by intimidation, their self-belief and determination is too strong, they immediately replace negative thoughts with positive self-talk. They control their thoughts and emotional state under pressure. Champions love to train, improve and achieve.

Losers always visualizes the penalties of FAILURE, losers travelled out from his local village in search for greener pasture and see only the giants and hide in the house of a prostitute but champions discovers milk and honey. Champions always focus on the rewards of the success. Losers have no courage to start new assignment, because of the fear of failure. They fear that the people will laugh at them on their failure. Losers always compare themselves with others, Losers think the whole world is against them. Losers are the people who are not willing to leave their comfort zone. Losers are the people who fall prey in the hand of circumstances, they succumb under pressure. They quit due to fear. Losers always undervalue themselves. They never utilize their full potential. They ever don’t recognize their true power that lies in them. Losers are always in a hurry. Losers are the people who want quick results without any pain. They are the people who quit the earliest. Losers always seek the shortcut for success. Losers are losers because they never set any goal in their life. Losers lack PASSION in their work. They wake in morning with no dreams. They don’t have plan even for the present day. They take their work as a burden.

A champion is so incredibly hungry to create their vision, that the work becomes irrelevant.

Champions don’t stop until they get what they want and then they set a new goal and keep going until they get what is next, even then they keep working for more. Champions are intensely driven and will do whatever it takes to reach their goals, because they have an insatiable addiction to success.

Champions are not content with good; they find an extra gear to become the best that they can be. A champion always thinks gold and never settles for silver in training and in daily life, meaning that they strive to give their very best effort in the process of improving every single day. A champion creates greatness; they make it happen, despite the odds that may be stacked against them. Champions delete the word ‘try’ from their vocabulary, because if they’re just trying then losing is still an option. When all hell breaks loose around them champions are calm on the inside, because they’re ready, they’re prepared, and they’re the best that they can truly be. Other people might not understand the champion’s mind-set and how driven you are, but they don’t have to. Champions don’t do what they do for other people; they do it for themselves and nobody else. The champion’s mind-set is about achieving what you once thought to be impossible, and they are crazy about it, we all have that ability. After all, everything is impossible, until somebody goes and does it.

Champions demonstrate grit, they have tenacity, and they tenaciously work hard towards their goals, maintaining their enthusiasm and work ethic for years, even when experiencing failures, adversities and plateaus. Champions know how to deal with adversity; they stay focused and optimistic when faced with an obstacle. They’re resilient and persistent; they demonstrate perseverance when having to overcome an obstacle. Discouragement doesn’t derail their efforts; they simply develop new strategies to continue moving forward and achieve their goals. Rather than succumb to failure, they adjust their approach and continue to pursue their goal.

Champions are relentless in their pursuit to become the best version of themselves, to them nothing is good enough except their very best and that no matter the outcome, and their very best is good enough. When the stakes are high they don’t let others carry the lead and hope things work out, they do everything possible to put themselves in a position to succeed and raise their own standards beyond all expectation. Being a champion means never being truly satisfied, they feel pride when they achieve their goals but never get complacent, and as soon as one goal is complete they move straight on to the next one. They always dedicate time and energy to achieving their goals and dreams. They have courage, they’re willing to take risks to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

They don’t strive to be good; they strive to be their very best. There is nothing wrong with being good, it’s better than being average, being good means you do well, you do your job and excel at it. Being good means that you work hard and accomplish difficult goals that you should be proud of, but for champions ‘good’ just doesn’t cut it. Good doesn’t make you a champion, it doesn’t make you the best version of yourself, and champions perform on a different level of work ethic. Proud but never satisfied, never content, never complacent, always pushing harder and higher, that’s a champion. They strive not just to perform well some of the time, but all of the time, again and again, even on their worst day.

Being a champion is not about talent, resources, connections, wealth or luck, it’s about resourcefulness and work ethic, doing whatever it takes to achieve your goal. I think that we’re all born with seeds of greatness, but few of us realise it, I believe what separates champions from everyone else is the way they think.

Their confidence is not some delusion of grandeur, it is based on actual evidence, and they expect to succeed because they work so hard. What separates them from other people is that they are addicted to the thrill of succeeding and they crave the end result so intensely, that the work becomes irrelevant.

Champions believe in themselves, they’re convinced they’re going to win. I’m not saying that everyone who believes they will win actually will, but if you don’t think that you can win, then you have no chance of winning at all. When you’re convinced you’re going to win, then winning becomes a possibility, but when you don’t believe you can win, then that option is taken off the table. When you’re convinced that you’re going to succeed and you’re more committed to mental and physical training than your opponents, then winning becomes an option. Champions don’t just do a job; they excel at it, reinvent it, define it and exceed expectations. They own their craft, they own their potential, they own their game, they own their work, and they own it. The single mother working two jobs to make sure that the bills are paid and the children are fed, she does whatever it takes to get the job done, she is a champion.

Champions do their job behind the scenes, doing thankless work, without applauding fans, without the glitz and glamour; they don’t do it for show. Champions do the work to succeed, not for the attention. No one has to see them work; the job just has to get done. A champion does more than anyone could ever expect of them, even when nobody is watching, even when nobody thanks them or congratulates them, even when nobody applauds them. They do it, because they have to succeed and the job has to get done. True champions don’t care about the bling, they care about admiration or applause, and they care about getting the result.

A champion has integrity, they’re trust worthy and they know that trust can be destroyed instantly. When things go wrong they take responsibility, they don’t blame others. When everything goes wrong and everyone else is panicking, the champion is calm, collected and observant, their composure is unshakeable, their determination unwavering. A champion doesn’t view obstacles as problems, they see opportunities to improve, situations to resolve and they get on with it. They are crazy about their passion!

Fly unlimited.


  1. Powerful post, Kingsley! I enjoyed reading it. I like the illustration with Nelson. It’s a motivating one. It’s always someone who will stand up for what is right, and always by those driven by their crazy mindset. It’s crazy because it’s dangerous. But in the end it is praiseworthy.

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