• Dignity is as essential to human life as water, food, and oxygen. The stubborn retention of it, even in the face of extreme physical hardship, can hold a man’s soul in his body long past the point at which the body should have surrendered it. To hide feelings when you are near crying is the secret of dignity.

• Excellence is a way of life; only through hard work and dedication were they able to mould their deals into habits and then habits into a lifestyle to become successful. There is no shortcut to excellence or victory. You have to put the work in, so if you’re ready to change your life and are up the challenge,

• Value tend to influence attitudes and behaviour and these types include ethical/moral values, social values, and aesthetic value.

Sometimes, people don’t value what they have until they lose it and that why many find it difficult to help their brother/sister, but they can travel 500-miles away to come bury them when they die, with high profile expenditure. The greatest tragedy in life is not death or tempest, but people hating themselves in the surrounding nations and tribes that hated them.

May digging deep in the wisdom life, discovered that when the tragedy of death knock, it is still the owner of the coffin that carries it on head, which is your own brother (onye-new-ozu-ga-ebu-ya-na-isi) ‘African proverb’

Prof, Lumumba was invited on a speaking engagement in Anambara state Nigeria, Okija Precisely, on Igbo cultural day, as the prof was speaking, he quoted many Igbos heroes who has make a history, including Chiuna Achebe, Patience Ozokwor, Genevieve Nnaji, Pate Edochie, and so many other. Coincidently, without knowing that Pate Edonchie was in the same meeting, Pate amazingly stood up in act over such a credit because it was surprise to him. Meaning that his impact has affected his generation in Africa; basking that a man from East Africa quoted him. But his own tribe nave place such a value on him.

Secondly, I was opportune to be in a meeting where someone is answering a question about bribery and corruption the church has being praying for in Nigeria over years, but still, things are getting worst. The brother was answering the question on how things work,using Mazi Nnamdi Kalu as reference. Immediately he mentioned him, they nearly crucify him. But those people who want to crucify him are using Martin Luther king Jr, and Nelson Mandela as reference in their own speech.

When I got home in my thinking time, I develop this quote. “Champions can never be credited until they win! But their passion is the fuel that drive them to overcome obstacles from those who talk them down”_”Divine-Royalty”

The pride of a man, tribe or nation starts when they begin to valuing themselves and treat themselves with dignity. Excellence rubs off on them. Dubai Local people are known by the spirit of union. They protect and place themselves first with dignity before any others human. And it is working for them

Donald Trump said, American first, even though, some people sees it as hate speech, and saying is it that other people are not human being? But I can grantee you that Americans can go to war because of one American person hold in another country.

Asap Rocky the hip hop rapper was guilty of assault in Sweden. President Trump interfere and he was speedy released

Our values are important because they help us to grow and develop. They help us to create the future we want to experience. And when we maintain our value, people and the world around us will reciprocate to that. Don’t you see how other countries are rubbishing people with Nigerian passport due to value, because of how they devalue their country? The way you behave and do things tell much about you as individuals, tribes and nation.

What happens to Igbos since after Biafra war from 6th July 1967 to 15th January 1970 is enough lesson for Igbos to come together in unity and love, and place themselves as first in there tribe before any other.

The Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has said described the Igbo people in particular and Biafrans in general as the most traumatized and dehumanized people in Nigeria, who out of their willingness to survive and resilience against all odds, remained afloat in the country.

Kanu whom also said that in spite of their traumatization and dehumanization, they are historically known to be industrious and hard-working people, who have shunned looting and exhibiting kleptomaniac and terrorist characters, yet have been deliberately denied the sense of belonging and pride in the Nigeria project.

Mazi Kanu also stated that no other people on earth have repeatedly suffered the levels of sustained genocide and pogroms, economic decapitation, emasculation, institutional marginalization and political exclusion and above all denied the benefits of citizenship and perks of nationhood, in Nigeria and yet continue shown the willingness to survive and resilience to survive like Igbos and Biafrans in genera

When we use our values to make decisions, we make a deliberate choice to focus on what is important to us. When values are shared, they build internal cohesion in a group or tribe.

INDIVIDUAL VALUES; Individual values reflect how you show up in your life and your specific needs-the principles you live by and what you consider important for your self-interest. Individual values include: enthusiasm, creativity, humility and personal fulfilment.
RELATIONSHIP VALUES; Relationship values reflect how you relate to other people in your life, be they friends, colour and race, family or colleagues in your organisation and tribe. Relationship values include: openness, trust, generosity and caring.

ORGANISATIONAL VALUES; Organisational values reflect how your organisation shows up and operates in the world. Organisational values include: financial growth, teamwork, productivity and strategic alliances.

SOCIETAL VALUES; Societal values reflect how you or your organisation relates to society. Societal values include: future generations, environmental awareness, ecology and sustainability.

The values cherished by the Igbo man in his community as ‘a man-in-community’ qualifies as what he calls human dignity. Human dignity, though a universal concept, has cultural correspondence in all indigenous community of the world.

God bless Christian Bifran State

Fly unlimited.

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