Consider this important; Toxic shame is a painful emotion. In fact, so painful that may not even notice it. We steer our attention away from it, pretend it’s not there, or transfer it to others, showering shame upon them through our criticisms and judgments.

Shame is especially destructive when it operates secretly. Being mindful of the shame that lives inside us is the first step toward healing it and affirming ourselves more fully

There are many things that keep us stuck in life, sometimes it feels as if we simply cannot move on with our life. As if there was something that kept us from pursuing our dreams. Consequently, we feel limited and simply do not know what to do. We have no idea how to break free from the limitations that are imposed upon us. What is worse, we do not even know what it is that imposes these limitations on us

Self-awareness is the first step to personality development and lasting inner change. Because war is not won in the battlefield, but in the planning room. See this 8 tips and view yourself in a mirror.

  1. Believing negative, unproductive and self-defeating thoughts. These include thoughts like “I could never I’m not good enough to I don’t deserve to I’m useless at
  2. Not developing your own sense of spirituality. Now, this is biased, but hear me out, In case you don’t know. Spirituality does not mean religion. It means developing a deep sense of who you are and what you have to give to others. It’s interacting with the world in a way that’s congruent with your own morals and values. This allows us to become authentic people and authenticity feels good. Why? Because keeping it real allows us to be truly accepted by other people, which is a basic need for all humans. Not to mention, it’s a huge component of genuine self-confidence and self-esteem. When you have mastery of who you are, you are more confident in your abilities, and therefore more likely to strive toward your goals and dreams.
  3. Blaming others. It’s true that other people can have a huge effect on what happens to us, and where we are in life. But we give them too much energy if we let them set our course, and see ourselves as victims, and act like we’ve no power.
  4. Taking ourselves too seriously. It’s important to work hard and to have integrity, but we also have to laugh and enjoy ourselves as well. Also, decide to let things go, and put up with some mistakes. You’re not a perfect person and, the truth is – that’s OK!
  5. Being afraid to take some risks or to live close to the edge. To have an interesting life you must leave your comfort zone and say “yes” to some new chances and opportunities. It will broaden your perspective, reduce anxiety, and provide you with new options and possibilities.
  6. Being afraid of change. It doesn’t take much effort to stick with what you know. The unknown can seem daunting as we don’t know where that leads! But we grow as individuals and lead a richer life if we learn to accept changes, instead of being scared.
  7. Not evaluating your own belief system. Our beliefs provide the blueprint for how we live our lives. If you never take the time to evaluate your own belief system, the likelihood of you operating on autopilot are high. Most of us will continue to be guided by the beliefs that were handed down to us from our parents/caregivers, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as we agree with their beliefs. However, for most people, there will be a number of beliefs that don’t feel right for them, which need to be reexamined, modified, or completely thrown out. To do this, identify the beliefs that were handed down to you and the beliefs that currently guide your life. Are there any that no longer serve you? It’s never too late to go through this evaluation process.
  8. Not investing in yourself. There will always be a reason to not invest in your personal development, whether it’s time, money, obligation or fear. Investing in yourself sends a strong message to your inner being as to how much value you place on your livelihood, health, and well-being. When we set aside the time and money to do something that will better us in the long run, we are truly making a priceless investment. Our life is really all we have. It’s an amazing gift to ourselves to make sure our life is everything we want it to be. Additionally, there’s tons of help out there to help you make it happen.
    What do you find stands in your way? What keeps you stuck in creating the kind of life you dream about? We’re all capable of creating any life experience we want. It takes courage and action to get there, but in turn, we establish an increased sense of empowerment along the way.
    I want that for everyone. Life is too short not to go for it! Step into your power. Add a dose of action. Start creating a new experience today.

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