Because complaining is hiding in the comfort zone, laziness which give birth to procrastination. Comfort begat laziness and laziness give birth to procrastination of which dissatisfaction follows
What you do complain involves work. People who complain feel comfort in their complaining and they don’t want to do the work. A good problem solver knows that what makes him or her angry is assignment in disguise

Mediocre will lather complain than to take assignment as an opportunity to unleash our potential. Incase you don’t know, we can get stuck there by focusing on what we don’t want instead of on what we do want, Because it is easier to complain than to bring a change.

In other words, It stems from a lack of faith in their ability to do the things that would change the circumstances that they are complaining about.

Some-people can never be satisfy in what other people are doing unless they are the one doing it. All they do is to complain and say out what is wrong or what they think is bad. There is nothing else to do. And I call them judgmental set of people

Not withstanding, Everybody wants everything to be easy. Just a word or sentence and things get done. They do not want to lift a finger because it is hard. Identifying an issue is easy. But solving it is difficult. Most of them will have no clue as to how to correct an issue. They are only able to see a problem but do not know how to solve it.

Next is they might have build up a habit of being critical of everything. When they complain about something, they feel slightly better. They feel a temporary relief from all that is wrong. They then cultivate the habit of complaining because they feel good after complaining.

Another reason is that the issue is beyond the powers of the individual. There are times when there are things that is beyond our capabilities of solving. For those with little mind not for those with great mind “for me”, I believe that impossibility is nothing, that is when complaining to the relevant authorities will help.

Finally, I generally do not encourage complaining as it is a waste of energy. I rather channel that energy to doing concrete actions that can help improve the situation than to complain. Complaining is certainly not a fruit of the Spirit

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