It’s true that some people said that this life don’t balance. But you can still work toward achieving a sense of equilibrium. When your life is feeling a little imbalanced, it may feel as though you have neglected your needs, values or priorities.

Although it may be easy to feel regretful and burned out at that moment, but remember, there is more to life than the daily stressors that create imbalance and unhappiness

Poverty is not a native of anywhere, it settles where it’s welcomed. Because you are poor, you think rich pepole don’t owe. Get it dear-some of them are heavily in debt.

If you don’t have a car, Remember someone else dont have 2 legs!

If you are ill, Someone else has been bed ridden for a very long time!!

If you have lost a parent! What of people that lost both parents?

Before you say an unkind word to someone,
Think of some people that can’t talk, Just think of someone that uses sign language to tell his/her family and friends how much he/she loves them.

Before you complain about the taste of food given to you, Think of people who has nothing at all to eat.

If you think you are frustrated because you can’t decide what food to cook because you have varieties. Remember there is a mother in many countries who can’t decide which of her children that will be given from her little food and which one shld be left to starve!

Before you complain of your wifey/hubby!
Think of the too many singles crying for a companion!

Before you complain of life and how cruel it is…
Think about the people you saw yesterday and today they are no more! Think of those people that died early in this life!

Before you complain about your kids.
Think of the barren begging God even for just one!

Before you argue about your dirty house that wasn’t swept by someone! Remember some people have no place to sleep

Before you think about a distance that you have to drive. Still remember some people walk that same distance with feet!

When you complain about your job!
Think about the unemployed people that wished they had your job!

When you feel cheated or jilted. Remember we break up to meet better people.

Before you think of judging or condemning Me or another. Remember No one is HOLY, not even you

And when depressed in thoughts or things seem to get you down. Please put a smile on your face and don’t forget there’s hope for the living!
God hasn’t given up on you

Analyze today, analyze yesterday for a better future. God can never create imbalance life

Fly unlimited


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