Someone with an attractive personality. A positive attitude, a balanced extroversion and confidence

1. They are warm and friendly towards others. By showing empathy not sympathy. Putting themselves into other people’s shoes and trying to realize how they feel. Simple words and a phone call to check up on people can bring huge differences in someone else’s life. Treat others as you would want yourself to be treated.

2. They are open and real. Stay in their own truth and out of other people’s business. Accept the ugly bits of themselves.

3. They knows their own strengths and weaknesses – and neither boasts nor puts themselves down.

4. Looks for the good in every situation, and is generally positive and optimistic. They possess an overall positive outlook of the world, trusting that good things will happen and that people’s desires will be fulfilled

5. They don’t gossip or pass on others’ secrets. Secret could be a time one messed up, a situation in which you wronged someone or commit atrocity maybe, the harm was inflicted on them, and they are looking for a way to release themselves by sharing it to a trusty.

6. They doesn’t gloat when things go wrong for others. They understand that a person with perfect life doesn’t exist

7. Is secure and has a healthy self–esteem; is not self-centred and narcissistic.

8. Is not highly critical or argumentative, because it increased risk for depression and anxiety in life, which can also impact other relationships they have in the future.

9. Is not possessive and jealous in relationships. In fact, Jealousy becomes toxic for relationships,

10. Makes time for the people they care about. Spending time with the people they care for inspires them and in other areas helps someone improve their own happiness and well-being as well, which is point of attraction

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