It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you are ready. I have this feeling that actually no-one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. “Hugh Laurie”

There is a fire burning in every individual life, you may call it the fire of vision or aspiration, but if you are not spiritual sensitive to catch the vocabulary and the direction it is dropping on the inside of you to take action immediately or delay his move, the fire may likely burns out. When it happen, you may end up not following the direction that is given to you and you may even end up following another people idea, because delay led to decay,

Immediately means now and now is this time. Never take time for granted, life can change in the blink of an eye. There may be many good ideas which you may have generated during your thinking time. Why do you keep procrastinating? Today is the tomorrow you pray about yesterday!What do you have in your plan list? Don’t you have one? It’s shame if not.

Life will not give you what you want but what you deserve! Life is like going to the grocery store (super market) If you don’t have a list before you go, you may end up leaving without the stuff you want and with a load of stuff you do not want, though, it may be important, but urgent must be attended to before important.

We all have our hopes and dreams. Maybe it’s a trip you want to take, a book you want to write, a song you want to sing, a skill you want to learn, a relationship you want to heal, a marriage you want to go into or fitness you want to achieve.

Hopefully we all have a plan list. The problem is that we’re always thinking, I will do it later, there is still time. Many has delayed the innovation they would have invented to decorate our world and we keep waiting until the grave yard rub that wonderful potential they would have unleashed.

Sense of Urgency

Having a sense of urgency means doing what needs to be done immediately, without being asked and in the most thorough way possible in order to create change. Take action today and move in the direction of your dreams. You are more powerful than you appear to be, let the world be illuminated by the light that shines from within you. Be a dreamchaser and make things happen. We have to live our life with a sense of urgency, so that not a minute will be wasted. Early to rise, early to shine

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  1. These are very interesting thoughts:) If I think, however, of marriages and divorces, one had often better take much more time trying to find solutions to problems before taking a definite decision!
    Best regards

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  2. The old saying “Tomorrow never comes” is so true as long as there are things we should be attending to and yet put on the back burner our tomorrows are obsolete. We only have today and your writing here of saying we must treat it as an emergency is so motivating!!!!! So many dreams are thought and never come to fruition while we think tomorrow I will do this or that, when we truly only have today to get it done! Many Blessings over you my wise friend.

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  3. I had to meet with my agent, editor, and publisher last Monday at 10: 00 A. M., and at 7:00 A. M., I drunk a cup of coffee, showered and clothed. I fell to sleep and awaken at 9:00 A. M., just enough time to make the appointment, but if I hadn’t got ready prior I would have been late or missed the appointment. But I made the appointment on time because I didn’t have to get ready; because I was already ready. The moral to my experience in reference to Divine-Royalty great essay-post here, that in order to be ready, we must prepare in advance to be ready!!!!

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  4. Great blog. I’ve seen it so often in my job. There’s a statistic in nature that goes something like over 95% of animals when presented with a life or death choice like being stuck in a hole they will submit and accept death. Metaphorically you can see the comparison with your blog.

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