What is one word that describes you?

Divine-Royalty is an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker. I help people to succeed. He is an Author of the book titled, “RISE ABOVE DISCOURAGEMENT”.

Good character is like a golden necklace, you become prettier when you wear it_Motivator DivineRoyalty

A high performance Success Strategist. An Outfit that have a goal to help others build a more rewarding and successful life by empowering people with mental energy through teaching and by providing a Motivational and Inspirational material to challenge your thinking because I discover that nothing is more powerful on earth than human soul on fire.

My goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others by providing thought, and inspiring word of Wisdom for them to live a fulfilled life. I am passionate for what i am created to do than to be a hindrance or forcing myself where I did not fit in.

My mentality is, Don’t be chicken if you are created to be an Eagle. Lion begat Lion and if Elephant give birth to grasshopper, it has beak the law. If God, omni-everything give birth to omni-nothing something is wrong.

My motivation is, Let the bird fly, let the fish swim, let the seed go to the soil and succeed, so that every assignment will be fulfilled.

Any other thing am doing is to help me to actualize this purpose, so that it will be well shaped. I celebrate God for a wonderful life with a great impacts. Though I am still a beginner because I have not seen myself done anything yet.

Notwithstanding, I AM ME AND I LOVE ME! No matter what, no one can be me and You can never push me to be you and I will never want to be you. God forbid, I am my best and I love me

Whether you hold me in the high esteem or low esteem. What is important is that I love me. I Might not be Someone’s first Choice, but I’m a Great Choice.

I don’t Pretend to be Someone I’m not. Because I’m Good at Being ME. I know that the world love those who pretend and lie to them. But that can never be ME

I Might not be Proud of some of the things I’ve done in the Past but I’m Proud of who I’m today. I may not be Perfect, I really Don’t need to be, I’m the Way God Made ME.

Everything that has happened in My Life had to happen to Make ME who I’m Today. I’m Smarter & Stronger than I have Ever Been.

Every day is Another Day to Grow; I Don’t Regret MY Life, I Just Know there are Areas I Need to improve, just like everybody else.

I’m ME and I Love ME because I am the best of who I AM. I don’t claim to be a motivator, it’s in my blood, divinely designed

An encourager of those who make mistakes, those who are persecuted, and the Anawims.

Fly unlimited



  1. God bless you my friend! The world needs more people like you who aren’t afraid to let their light shine through. And to do so in a way that lets others see the light that exists inside each of us. I once heard a pastor say “There is no light at the end of the tunnel because the light is inside the tunnel”. It’s inside each of us. When God created us He gave us a light. We ought to embrace that light and empower others to do the same! 🙂

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