The ultimate grand of faith and knowledge we is having confidence in the Lord. God is not our co-pilot, He is in full control.

The poorest man on earth who is friends with God is richer than the richest man who is not friends with god.

I heard a story about a train traveling through the night in a very violent rainstorm. The lightning flashes were almost blinding, the rain hitting the windows was deafening and the strong gust winds rocked the train from side to side.

When the lightning flashed and lighted up the darkness, the passengers could see the rising water along the tracks. This created terror in the minds of the passengers.

Several passengers noted that through all the noise, lightening and wind, one of the passengers, a little girl, seemed to be at perfect peace. The adult passengers couldn’t figure out why the little girl was so calm during all this excitement.

Finally, one passenger asked her, “How is it that you can be so calm when all the rest of us are so worried about what might or could happen? The little passenger smiled and said, “My father is the engineer. End of story.

That’s the beauty of knowing that our God is in control of everything. Like the little girl in our story, she’s at peace and calm despite people around her are panicking because her father is in control.

Trouble is,…the world is full of sins that feeds our mind unconsciously or subconsciously. That’s why we should be more active and aggressive in meditating God’s Word whenever and wherever and also putting it to practice

Knowledge of God, keeping His commandments is our protection from the darkness in this world, Now is the time to be more serious in God’s Word as instructed to Joshua in chapter 1 vs 8. Don’t be a victim of Gods revolution because the testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy

Fly unlimited

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