One of the reasons we know Christ is coming soon is by the huge increase in scoffers and mockers. Christians should never fear mockers because God is on our side, but beware because they are many and they will be even more in the future.

They are arrogant people who lack the knowledge of God. Never associate with these people because they will not make you stronger in Christ, but only lead you astray. They will confuse you, convince you and convert you to who they are

Beware because we are living in a different time. What is happening in the world today is a big lesson if you are a good student of (Matt.24) politics is destroying Christianity while believers are chasing shadow. Not only do we find unbelievers mocking harder than ever before, but there are many professing Christians who mock

You must understand that Life is like a journey, some people will travel successfully and arrive on time, Some people will not make it. Some will have a puncture Tyre on the way and delayed, and later struggle to arrived, Some will crash.

In our Christian journey, Everyone have his or her own Calvary time to travel, just as Christ did, but it’s in that Calvary journey you are nurtured to be Gold. I have come to tell you that your pain is your gain, don’t mind mockers

Someone who is making mockery of another who is passing through his or her own Calvary experience is Spiritual ignorant, and lack knowledge, because the hub of salvation is through Calvary which awaits every Christian, for with experience comes knowledge

A lack of knowledge is like a graduate of a Mechanich engineering taking his unhealthy car to illiterate mechanic to put it in order, while Spiritual ignorant is like the phrases and law makes who makes the laws without keeping it, they hold the outward from of religion and dine it’s Power.

Some people think that they can kill someone’s image with false information and have their way but refuses to know that whatever you sow, that you shall rip. Here me! Some people can never celebrate you in the public because they have stabbed you at your back.

1 Corinthians 1:18 Says that the message of the cross is a stupid thing to those who are on their way to perish

But Since the same POWER that raise Christ lives in you, no one can kill your image, They will end up announcing you. never you feel damaged because of what people said or is saying about you, instead, be motivated to make yourself better and to make things happen. Wisdom is a guide to champions

Fly unlimited


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