Are you a Leader, mentor, coach or a teacher. Whatever, There is a time and place to summon people for correction. If you’re always correcting people on their weakness or wrong doing, then you become that person which no one will like. Correction is always seen as judgement to those who still love there sin. There are times when people need to be corrected, both for their own self-improvement. But how well matters.

When you want to correct people, be humble not prideful, and don’t make it a news. It much be out of love and polite. To convince the of a man is very difficult and that the scripture told that the heart of king is in the Lord’s hand. “Proverbs 21:1”

There are other kind of people that people said that they are stubborn people but I disagree with them. To me They are called people with mental authority and inability to manage people like this courses many damages, that is where leadership quality comes in.

To convince them, you have to partner with them in a soft and simple manner, “else” you will create more damages. They are created like that. The Bible said if you want to win a kings heart, buy him a gift. Proverbs 19:6 everyone is the friend of a person who gives gifts! You can equally go extra mills if you are passionate about it.

Correction done politely is like a house renovation says Divine-Royalty. We renovate our world or house to look good not to look bad more than as it was before. Don’t correct to abuse or to destroy but to rebuild or renovate. We keep on renovating each other as long as we continue to be our brothers or sisters keeper.

No one is above mistakes, and once there mistake there will be correction because nobody is a monopoly of knowledge. If not because we struggle so much with pride, correction can be difficult to give graciously and difficult to receive graciously.

Wisdom must be applied while correcting people and those who accept corrections are wise people. But according to nature, If you correct people with mental authority using hash voice they cannot take it from you, “otherwise” You will crash with them (Wrong or right?)

To know more about mental authority, see my website in a Topic or article I tittled. (What you call sturbbuoness in a child is mental authority)

A great man says. When a stupid man want to correct a nagging woman; he will tell her. Shortup!!! But when a wise man want to correct a nagging woman; he will tell her; your mouth look beautiful when you close it.

Wisdom is profitable to direct
Fly unlimited


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