Negative beliefs and worries are the grandparents of panicking_Divine-Royalty

It was spring of 1997 after Charismatic conference in tradefair by Rv Fr Ozele when God gave me the desire to help believers to grow their faith in Christ.

God asked me to reach out to Christians from different part of the world. The challenge is, I’m neither a native of English speaker nor writer. So, their was a big struggle in me on How will I communicate with people, I have little English in my vocabulary

For many waisted years, the desire is in my heart burning to empower believers. But my challenges is capacity limitations, So I continued to pray and make myself an addicted reader, one early morning God responded and said, Just do it my son.

Here’s the thing…I’d realize that it is not my limited English communication skills that’s holding me back but my FEAR. Fear of failure. Fear of unknown. Fear of making mistakes. Fear of what people will say, And How about you?

The world is hungry for those who are gifted, be prepared to be of a help. It’s impossible to think clearly or to manifest the champion on the inside of you when you’re flooded with fear, The only way to deal with fear is to face it. Avoiding our fears only prevents us from moving forward.

What’s holding you back from manifesting the fire that is burning in you? Are you afraid that you’ll not follow through with your plan? Are you afraid of not being educated? Are you afraid that people will laugh at you when you make mistakes? Are you afraid of what people will say? Don’t allow the enemy to paralyze you.

Remember that God will supply all your needs according to His richness and glory, which means, if you desire for a great mind, it will come, because God will supply!

Action is the key to making progress in life, whatever task you have, break it down, one step at a time we can achieve greatness. Start with baby steps and it will surprise you what it will turn out to be.

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  1. This is such a powerful and spot on post! I’ve allowed fears to paralyze me for years! It took lots of perseverance and taking a look at my limiting self-belief to build my confidence up and face my fears. Today I am in a much better place, strong and much more confident. The battle isn’t over yet, I’m still overcoming fears, but with God and my determination I know that I will make it through! Thank you for your encouragement and reminder that with God all is possible!

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  2. You remind me of Moses who was hesitant to speak for God, but God reminded Him He made His mouth to speak for Him (Exodus 4:10-15). You have such a gift of encouraging others. Many Blessings.

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