Hey! it’s DivineRoyalty here again. We all have beliefs that direct our lives. The thing with beliefs is, there are belief that we thought it’s true but not necessarily true.

Most people are completely oblivious to the power that their own thoughts have. Beliefs carry emotion, and emotion turns to action. Those beliefs then influence the way we live.

For example, A friend of mine grew up from a poor family. When he was a kid until his high school days, his belief was those who own a car or telephone are rich people. That’s because his family can’t afford to get a car or telephone service.

Well…we all know that it’s not true, right? But for him, that was his belief for many years. For him that was true back then. And we all have these “we used to believe.

My point here is, you better analyze your current beliefs and ask yourself “Is this really true? When someone is struggling to be consistent in their faith or scripture reading in most cases they have limiting beliefs.

Beliefs like.. I don’t have retentive memory. I’m too old to read the scripture. I’m too busy.

These are limiting beliefs that are directing your life and I’m sure it’s not from God. So what do you need to do? Break all these limiting beliefs and take a bold step to develop that habit of reading your scripture.

It will bring inspiration and guidance on how to acquire wealth, the Holy spirit can’t miss lead you unless you don’t want to wresting (1John2:27)

Fly unlimited


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