No matter what, no one can be me

You can never push me to be you and I will never want to be you.

God forbid, I am my best and I love me

Whether you hold me in the high esteem or low esteem

What is important is that I love me

I Might not be Someone’s first Choice, but I’m a Great Choice.

I don’t Pretend to be Someone I’m not

Because I’m Good at Being ME

I know that the world love those who who pretend and lie to them

But that can never be ME

I Might not be Proud of some of the things I’ve done in the Past but I’m Proud of who I’m today

I may not be Perfect, I really Don’t need to be

I’m the Way God Made ME.

Everything that has happened in My Life had to happen to Make ME who I’m Today.

I’m Smarter & Stronger than I have Ever Been.

Every day is Another Day to Grow;

I Don’t Regret MY Life, I Just Know there are Areas I Need to improve, just like everybody else.

I’m ME and I Love ME because I am the best of who I AM.

I don’t claim to be a motivator, it’s in my blood, divinely designed

An encourager of those who make mistakes, those who are persecuted, and the Anawims

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