Doubt isn’t the opposite of faith, it is an element of faith. The world is divided between those who believe too little and those who believe too much. But I want to bring to your knowledge that as courage is persisting in the face of fear, so faith is persisting in the presence of doubt

Is me DivineRoyalty I have a confession to make. After being a Christian for years, going through battles over battles, there were times I have doubted God. Especially those moments when I needed Him the most but I can’t feel His presence.

I cried out loud and it feels like He turned deaf ear. Sometimes I wonder “Lord, are you still there?” Am I still in your son? Yes, I doubted God many times. But what I realized is this, those moments are growth pains.

I believe we all go through that “doubting moment” one way or another. Gideon doubted God. Thomas doubted God. Sarah and Abraham laughed at God’s promise. But in the end they all transformed from doubting” to “believing.

That’s right. Those experiences of doubt usually lead to a deeper faith. Do not attention to doubt, because the more attention you give to your doubts, the more your doubts will grow. By worrying about your doubts, you can become locked into a vicious cycle.

When Thomas said that he wouldn’t believe unless he felt the Lord’s wounds, he didn’t want faith; he wanted certainty. Inquisitiveness and questioning are inevitable parts of the life of faith. Where there is certainty there is no room for faith.

Doubt and faith are actually correlative terms. People of great faith often suffer bouts of great doubt because they continue to grow. So you’re meant to believe, for example, that God exists as a matter of faith.

Another way to develop deeper faith in God is studying your scripture and meditating on as God instructed Joshua. My wife and I truly believe in the life transforming power of Bible study.

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  1. Amen! I love what you mentioned about Thomas! That sums it up! Faith is believing even though there is no certainty or guarantee. The beautiful thing about the story of Thomas and with Abraham is that God understands our weak hearts and minds, and knows there will always be times we will have our doubts, but he is so wonderful that we can still count on him even during those times. He never fails us! Thankyou Jesus!

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  2. Clear wisdom you have provided my friend. I have been wrestling with some doubts over the last little while myself, and have given them too much time and energy. This has caused my perspective to shift unhealthily to focussing on them – if we seek hard enough we will always convince ourselves we can find what we are looking for.

    When I acknowledge my doubts and teach them out to go, each has proved to be an opportunity for growth. God works within us if we let the seeds planted see the sunlight and feel the rain.

    Peace to you and your family. 🙏

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