Love is forever admirable and cannot mislead nor hurt”~ “DivineRoyalty”
“Happy Val”

Don’t misunderstand Love to lost! LOVE make all things beautiful but not without prize. The world may have adopted the “no deposit, no return” creed, but the church will be destroyed if we adopt the same. (This creed may also destroy the world, but that’s for another speaking engagement.)

The church will be destroyed because, at the core, we come together because we are loved by God and called by Jesus Christ. When we turn our backs on our calling from God, we cut ourselves off from the source of life.

John’s message is simple: God is love. God loves us. Because of God’s love for us we should love one another. And if we don’t love one another, we can’t really love God.

It’s a simple message, but it has the potential to have a profound impact upon our community as well as upon the larger world in which we live. It’s a small idea, loving others because God loves us, but an idea that has life-changing and world-changing consequences.

I’m going to tell you a story, adapted from Hermann Hesse’s fairy tale, Augustus.

A young woman gave birth to her first child just a month after her husband had died in a tragic accident. She was from a caring and loving church. They were all concerned about her and they threw a great shower, providing her with all she’d need to care for his child. She named the boy Victor, after her deceased husband. After the shower, when all the guests had gone, Doc Burns, an eccentric old man who lived nearby, and who wasn’t really a doctor, stopped by. He said that he, too, had a gift for the young boy. But his gift was unique; he would grant the mother one wish for her son. The woman was to tell him of her wish before the son’s baptism the next Sunday. All that week the woman pondered. Finally, on the morning of the baptism, she decided to ask that all might love her son. Doc Burns granted the wish.

Everyone loved Victor as he grew up. All the children wanted to play with him; all the adults thought he was the most perfect child. Even when Victor responded to others with scorn and contempt, they still loved him. He graduated from high school and went on to a respected college, all the while living a life of ease.

He was the life of the party. He drove a big car and wore fancy clothes. After college, he never worked very hard. “I collect horses, dogs and women,” he often bragged. There were no pleasures he didn’t indulge in, and no vice he didn’t practice. Yet, everyone raved about him and the women couldn’t leave him alone. All the while his heart grew empty and his soul sicker. He became disgusted. He was tired of living.

One night Victor had had enough. He went home and prepared to commit suicide. But before he could raise the glass of poison to his lips, Doc Burns stopped by. He was even older now and moved slower. Victor demanded to be left alone, but the good old man flopped himself down into a chair and began to talk.

He confessed he was a part of the reason Victor was so miserable. He told him about his mother’s wish that her son be loved by all. “It was a foolish wish,” Doc Burns admitted. “Suppose I offer you another wish, make it anything you want and I will fulfill it. But be careful, the good Doc warned, for wishes have a way of coming true.

Victor didn’t think that Doc could give him anything that he didn’t already have, but the old man encouraged him to think about what truly made him happy. After much pondering, Victor said he wished for the old magic to be taken away and instead of being loved by everyone, he wished he could love everyone in the world. “That’s a good wish,” Doc Burns nodded in agreement, “it’ll bring you happiness.”

But Victor didn’t find happiness right away. Instead, without his great charm, he found friends disserting him, others retaliated for his past wrongs. He was even thrown into jail for a few months and when he was released, he was penniless, sick and alone. He returned to his childhood home where he nursed his ailing mother, returning the love she’d once given him. He also took a job as a janitor in a school, where he not only cleaned the floors but loved the children.

Finally he met a young widow and married her, giving her and her children the love they needed. Poor in money, Victor became one of the richest men in the world. For he discovered that it is in loving, not in being loved, life can be lived to its fullness.

It is in giving that we receive, it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in loving that we are loved.” Go out and love the world around you! And remember, being loved isn’t nearly as important as loving others and without which, life is meaningless.

Valentine day isn’t what it used to be, it began in commemoration of a third country Century Christian priest who was martyred in Rome by the middle ages, saint valentine had become associated with the union of loves under conditions of stress by the twentieth century his holiday was being celebrated by the widespread exchange of romantic little massage called valentine.

The modern Roman church must not have been pleased with this evolution of the holy day because in 1969 saint valentine feast was dropped from the liturgical calendar. Perhaps one way of thinking about this evolution is to say that saint valentine day began as a commemoration of spiritual love. Later became a celebration of committed interpersonal love. and has lately become a rather commercialized carnival of romantic love.

I have nothing against romantic love. I should hasten add. Romance. Body language. Sex is good but only in marriage and any of this action outside marriage is lost. Negatively. Promotion of sales of condom. G-strange pants. Blood wastage. etc. And my question is, is that how to emulate Saint Valentine which shows the good example of Love?

Everyone is today celebrating valentines both Christian, non Christian and other religion because they channel it according to the desires of their flesh. When purpose is dined, abuse becomes the way of life, and for those who discovered that they are created for a purpose, Remember that little thing you do can made away God’s plan for you,..

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