Prosperity is not just about what we have; it is also about who we become.

Don’t be satisfied with where you are. As long as you have want, you have every reason to live

Push to become greater. That’s the beauty of becoming your self best

If better is possible, then good is not good enough.

Anytime there is even a glimmer of hope that you can be better or do better, good is not enough.

But always remember that better is the enemy of best! Be the best

Many of you may need an increase in your financial wealth

You may desire to have children or you may be in need of a great miracle in your body.

God has already said that He will bless all those that fear him. He can’t lie

He not only will bless you, He will bless your children (Psalm 115:13).

Isn’t it good to know that He will bless you and your future generations?

That’s why you will become your self best through a goal with deadlines

Your blessings are perpetuated and they become your children’s blessings.

This is a promise I take personally. On a daily basis by creating a channel through which the blessings will flow

I prepare for my increase that is why I need to become the best of me

Before Jesus fed the multitudes, He healed the sick.

Jesus, in all His wisdom and insight, knew that no one could enjoy a hot meal being sick.

Being sick takes the enjoyment out of life.

God does not want you sick. His will is prosperity in all things

He wants us to be in good health even as our souls prosper

The step of the righteous is ordered by God.

It does not take God Onaway to be were you are today, to human it’s a disappointment to God repositioning.

Be optic and see the future better future

Fly unlimited


  1. I love how you pointed out that children are the receivers of Blessings given by the way they are taught. Their generation is then the reflection of their parent’s teachings. SO POWERFUL!!!!!! Stay strong in the Lord who alone is our life!

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