A song of praise in appreciation

I will praise Him who i Love. Almighty God is His name. The one who has no beginning and has no end.

He who says yes and mean yes! Who says no and mean No!

Almighty, true and incomparable God. You are present in all things, yet in no way limited by them

You remain unaffected by place, untouched by time, unperturbed by years, and undeceived by words

You are not subject to birth and in no need of protection

You are beyond all corruption, above all change, immutable by nature

You live in unapproachable light and are invisible, yet You are known to all those who seek You with hope and love

You are the God of Israel, and of all who hope in Christ. In you our fathers put their trust; they trusted and you delivered them.

They cried to you and were saved. They trusted in you and where not disappointed

In our confusion; you bring peace.
In our battle; you garant us victory
In our limitation; you are unlimited.
In the time of need; you supply.
In our joy; you are the King
In blessings; you bless us
In multiplication; you multiply us
You are a good God; My King and my all.

May all veneration be unto your hibiscus name.
It’s end of the year 2021 and we ended well by your miraculous power.

Fly unlimited

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