Joshua 1:10-18 We have heard and read how Israel’s long period of wanderings was ended. They were forty years making their way to the land God wanted to give them when it could have been a journey of but 11 days by the shortest route For forty years they were outside of God’s best for them. It had taken them two years to get to the place where they had sent out the 12 spies. They had spent another 38 years in wanderings in the desert due to their UNBELIEF and DISOBEDIENCE.

But now they were making ready to follow Joshua’s leadership and enter in.

The former generation had refused to let God direct them. They had lost out

Now a generation was alive, grown, and ready to enter into the Promised Land. God had not forsaken them over those years. God never fails, He fulfills that which He has promised; He completes that which He begins.

They were looking toward Jordan’s stormy banks as you are now in 2021 looking towards 2022. They were encamped on the east aide, facing toward Jericho. However, before they could cross over and enter into the land that God had given them



Who can define to me the road leading to yesterday?, There is absolutely no way to change your past. It is over, gone, a passersby and never to return. the reason why the brighter futures has not come is that you are still holding the ugly past, so. It occupies space were the smiling future would have come and stay

It is true that you are wounded, accused, failed and humiliated etc. “no doubt” but you can’t continue like this, Let it go, See this and see the world better, (When we are tried of the future, we are attacked by ideas we conquered long ago)

Do not look back. Keep going forward. Live your life in the here and now. Forget it. You cannot in no way no how ever change your past. I am sorry to tell you that yesterday or 2021 is about to leave you and you are still holding the ugly past

There are no time machines to take you back, no magic spell will correct a past mistake, and no genie is going to appear and grant you the wish of changing your past, lift up your eye’s and see far beyond, your future 2022 is blessings filled. Prepare it from now

Fly unlimited

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  1. Excellent post. I am always reminded of Peter walking on the water during the storm and when he took his eyes off Jesus. If we only see the waves in our life, we inevitably sink in despair. I wish you all the best in 2022!

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