I have a story of a man in a village who was a poisoner, in a large family he became so antagonistic that he started poisoning the people of this family one after the other, to an extent he succeeded in killing all the potential people both the youth in that family because he believed they are all better than him and his own children as well thinking himself as hero. Most times, God allow evil to succeed for the reason best known to Him

Afterwards, that village poisoner developed a terrible sickness and was taken to hospital but the doctor said that some payment must be made out of the amount charged before the treatment, of which he cannot afford any of the money and those who would have be of a help, he has all killed through diabolical means, he cried out in a big sorrow for help and on one responded

A night came, as he was dreaming, a voice told him, someone who kill those who suppose to help him, will not get help on the day he needed it, and the man woke up and tell the story and died after which

Fools say to themselves, There is no God. Those who sow there life in stupidity will end up regretting it. If you couse anybody pain to make yourself feel benefctable, give yourself time, you will also suffer the same pain

If you have not discovered that any character you sow bad or good will come back to you, you lack sense of reasoning. Time doesn’t heal anything. Every scar has a story. Don’t be afraid to tell it.

Proverbs 6 _ there are things the Lord hate and can not tolerate, the feet that share innocent blood

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