What Season Of Life Are In ?

As you can see, we have 4 seasons that we all know, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. Like the seasons of nature, there are also Personal Seasons in life:

Season of winter – sadness, heartbreak, loneliness, sickness
Season of spring – hope, new beginnings, opportunities
Season of summer – signs of growth, need for protection, an abundance of distractions
Season of fall – successes and achievements, failures

Understanding the importance, to move in this circle of the Seasons” will help you discover in what chapter your life you’re going through and what is expected of you

Be reminded that our happiness and success in all the parts of our life is our personal responsibility. We cannot blame the circumstances or the other people for our failures.

We cannot change the seasons, but we can change ourselves. Seasons are not in our control, but our actions are in our control. Proper action in each season is necessary for a joyful and remarkable life.

Have you ever been in a tough and hopeless situation? Have you experience loneliness and frustration? I am sure you have gone through that. So have I.

When the hash season is speaking in vocabulary with negativity and our head is bumping up because of what life is showing us in season, consider what happens when you recall God’s word during these trying times, and that’s why it is important to always load the word of God in your spirit.

Psalm 119:92) says, “If your instructions hadn’t sustained me with joy, I would have died in my misery.” If you think this is nothing, think again. The word of God will save your life.

But how can your life be saved if you do not know His word? Just let this sink in for a minute. My friend’s, we are not immune to challenges and trials. In fact, we can even face darker days.

So why am I writing to you? I cannot stress enough that you should make Gods word a priority. Think about it.

In your darkest days, the Word of God is your light towards freedom, even in prayer, praying without the word of God is like a tree without root.

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  1. Beautifully written as Always. Praise God He is with us all the seasons of our life, for we are never left out in the cold when our Lord says He will never leave nor forsake us. May the Grace of God and His love be with you all the days of your life.

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  2. In our lives we chance a bad season into a good season by thinking positive. We change a sad season into a joyful season by defeating stress. We change a cold season into awarm season by attaining success. We change an evil season into kindness season by not being influenced by Satan into temptation but serving God. We make all seasons in our lives good seasons by not making mistakes today that we made yesterday!

    *Divine-Royalty, your essay post is masterpiece*

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