Sex is only made for marriage, Sex outside marriage is not Love, Sex outside marriage is not enjoyment, Sex outside marriage is not the character of the chosen, no matter how you translate it, it is a character adopted from another tribe, not from the chosen people.

it’s a weapon of Jezebel and those who drink in the cup of Jezebel, imagine Herod cutting John’s the Baptist head because brother John told him to stop having sex with his brothers wife

No one doubt that Sex is the most important aspect in a marriage. Initially, the love and attraction is what plays a crucial role in holding the relationship together, however, with time, sex becomes significant in ensuring the longevity of a relationship. Without any sexual activity, there will be everything but intimacy. But I will like to resound to you, “only in marriage”.

In other words, Sex outside marriage is a weapon of Dilila against you to break God’s covenant so that you will not be fulfilled, it’s a destroyer of blessing, a killer anointing and those who carry power

Those who engage on it never find success easy, in struggles of life, in ministry, and business, etc… talk more of those married that is engage in extra marital sex

proverbs chater 6 says, whoever that have sex with another man’s wife must suffer, the word must is compulsory, Sampson try it and did not succeed, David try it and his Kingdom was scattered, and many other things come against them

Why is the sons and daughters of the chosen generation emulating the characters of another tribe? Even if it is dream sex, it is not healthy to your spiritual life, you have to work hard and grow your spiritual life to conquer it

If you are under this spell, go for deliverance, engage in fasting and never go out of the presence of God in prayer, determination is the key to success, the Love of God are still there for you

it’s not about what man has counted you to be, grace has found you, run now for your dear life

Fly unlimited

Don’t be afraid to love again. Not everyone is as stupid as those who rubbish you in the past. By “Divine-Royalty” encouraging you to rise above discouragement


  1. “Sex is a great part of a relationship yet a very small part in the equation of love and marriage,
    and Sex outside of marriage has been a long debate
    between is it right or wrong
    for only marriage couples to engage in Sex,
    those who aren’t married says Sex
    is right and those who are married disagree
    but if you believe in God
    Sex without marriage is wrong!” – Van Prince

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