1. Your struggle is part of your story. Be a histry maker

2. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. It is God that rewards not human judgement _ “Divine-Royalty”

3. Mediocre sees champions as treat, and go after them with the weapon called jealousy and envy. Attack them with castigation, but later cover their face in shame._”Divine-Royalty”

4. The wicked seems as if succeeding but the end is disastrous. There is expiring date for every monster terrorizing people_”Divine-Royalty”

5. Management is a biggest challenge of African and a willing to change becomes difficult_”Divine-Royalty”

6. Night sleep is not good for you in a time of battle! Remember that it’s in the night that great battles are championed

7: No matter how bad your mouth smells. You will still like yourself and dislike the bad smell of other peoples mouth._ “Divine-Royalty”

8. Your lack of sympathy as leader has destroyed many peoples enthusiasm, Love is the key answer to every question. By #Divine-Royalty#

9: The departure of the grace is the arrival of the stiffness, understanding the secret of your success helps you to fly. By #Divine-Royalty#

10. Love is indeed power, taking it to action makes it powerful_”Divine-Royalty”


  1. You strengthen and equip so many with your sound advice! I once again learned a new word from your writing “Castigation”…. Thank you for that. When I read number 6 immediately the following scripture came to mind “Desire not the night, when people are cut off in their place.” (Job 36:20). God never slumbers nor sleeps and we can put our complete trust in Him. (Psalm 121:1-4). Your writings always stir up the Holy Spirit so many times as I read. Blessings Always.

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