The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender. Romans 13:7

Hope you understand that common sense is a good sense and sound judgement in practical matters.

Supposed If someone is owning you some money and you are pronouncing all kinds of bad word on that person, like….,

You will die premature, you will remain ever poor, you not see anything good in your life, you will remain a beggar for the rest of your Life,…

Suppose if God allows it to happen to the person, how will you get your money back?, will you drive joy if someone died premature, go mad or forever remain poor because of you?

Not withstanding, it is very wrong to have someone’s money and refuse to pay back your debt, it means you are selfish and love to be slave

And by so doing, you will destroy your integrity and block your way.

Hurry! Go and pay your debt or beg the person to release you if you can’t pay it. If the person refuse and you don’t have it now, keep the person posted and make sure you tell the person the truth, and if the person judge you wrongly, God will justify and vindicte you

Wisdom is profitable to direct

Fly unlimited

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