In the midst of our struggle to find out who we are, there are infinite possibilities for beauty, and hope, and wonder, and love.” ― Mandy Hale

Every righteous man or woman will at one time or another in life face challenges or the plot of the wicked

It happened to Joseph and Joseph triumphed. It happened to Daniel. Some people conspired against him and he was thrown into the lions’ den but he triumphed.

It happened to Shadrack Meshack and Abednego but they triumphed too.

So, the enemies of Joseph and Daniel only rejoiced for a while. Their joy was cut off. The lions’ den and furnace of fire were God’s instruments to bury their enemies.

So, what the enemy put forward as an instrument of warfare against the righteous was used to destroy the enemy.

You must understand that once you remain righteous the way God wants you to remain; you will never be defeated by the enemy.

The Bible says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them from them all.

The righteous would one time or another face the plot of the wicked but the wicked will not succeed.

Their instruments of wickedness will be to their own destruction. This is the stand of the scriptures

Challenges in life are inevitable – we can rise to meet those that come from moving forward, or we can fight the ones that come from trying to stand still – either way there are challenges to be overcome and whether we choose to see the positive in that is entirely up to us.


  1. “*Challenges are Inevitable* to attain our goals and to obtain
    all that we need, want, and love to claim to maintain
    to be happy and peaceful
    that-which is germane to our health and wellness,and relaxation.” _-Van Prince

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