Generally competition is done in order to increase the strength, wealth

May be personal gains and it may be among companies, enterprises, industries or individual.

Competition is healthy when it pushes you to achieve your best

Much of the time, we compete against other people for the wrong reasons.

We are exposed to competitive behaviors and many of us are encouraged to emulate such behaviors in order to keep up or to be shown up.

so many people simply assume it’s okay to be overly competitive

Sometimes to the point of harming themselves or hurting others.

Being Competitive is a desire to have what another person has and act out of envy

Many has being in a huck of debt over this, because they want to wear the best of clothes, ride best of car, or to mainten level

it is pride that is glowing fat

Just be yourself and cut year cote according to ur cloth.

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  1. “Competition is a sin.” – John D. Rockefeller

    John D. Rockefeller “Quote” is contrary to his action of beating the competition,
    and him and his family became 1 of the richest family not only in America but in the world
    because of their positive competitive behavior!

    Your essay is content profound!

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