Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners. A winner goes through a problem and bring it to finishing, but a loser goes around it complaining and pointing accusing finger to winners without taking responsibility.

It is very abusive to call someone a loser, but it is very important to understand that there are some people who are losers! You don’t need to be grumpy over what life is showing you, life cannot show you what you want but what you deserve.

In today’s competitive world, the gap between “winners” and “losers” is becoming ever clearer. This gap does not merely refer to their success in life, but also their attitude toward life and how much they enjoy it. Losers retain so many losing habits that their lives are dominated by fear, regret and aimlessness.

There is only one choice In life. To accept conditions the way it is, OR to take responsibility and change it. To adopt a positive lifestyle and become a winner, you simply have to develop certain winning habits.

There are qualities of champions which set them apart and help them win in every sphere of life personally, professionally and spiritually. Maybe it’s time to focus on doing what’s necessary to win ourselves, don’t you think?

Winning is not an action, it is a lifestyle. Losers let things happen, champions make things happen. (E.g) In God’s field, many are busy taking God to height, while others are busy criticizing others, even though, they are not better than those they are criticizing!

History makers, innovators and inventors of solutions does not seat down and count the invention they have invented, or their innovations, they are busy generating insight to create more.

But the opposite party which i called the losers are busy watching the those champions, counting and broadcasting the championship of the winners for them.

When you come in house of comedians. The one who is doing hard work, are the comedian, while other ones can only crap, laugh and screams.

In the business filed, the rich people are busy investing their money, but poor people are busy consuming theirs and counting the investment of the rich people for them.

Winners win in every aspect of life. It is much more of a lifestyle, rather than an action. Winners don’t always succeed, just like everybody else. But their attitude and mindset still make them come out on top eventually. So really, being a winner is about having winning habits and a positive mindset

Winning is a way of living that creates a better life for us. When an individual understands and applies the principles of winning in life to benefit both himself and those around him, he is bound to feel good, think constructively and look great. Great things will therefore happen to him.

Winning is about developing a new, positive lifestyle where so-called losers’ habits are replaced with winning ones. Some examples of losing habits include self-criticism, procrastination, laziness, anxiety and depression. Winners aim to remove such habits and replace them with winning habits like exercising and enjoying life. They acquire these winning habits through daily practice.

By acquiring this positive lifestyle as well as setting and achieving goals, winners not only benefit themselves, but also the people around them

Anyone can adopt the confident, positive lifestyle called winning. You start out by crafting an image of the person you want to be and adopting this as your self-image.

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  1. Your profound priceless essay post is recall a quote I created long ago:

    “I am never been a loser, but a winner
    because winning is all I accept.” _-Van Prince

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