Where you stop is where God is going to stop, Satisfaction Is Death. God has used moses to do unusual miracle but He still say to God, show me your Glory!

It doesn’t matter when you started with God, but are you still yearning or still having burning desire and Zeal for God? I tell you the truth, it is a healthy thing,

On need of supplement & vitamin, If you eat a balanced diet you get all the vitamins and minerals you need and you don’t need any supplement. Dining with God supplies you will spiritual balance diet. but outside Christ there’s pain and unsatisfied.

If you want to gain physical strength, there are certain things you must do (eat right, exercise, sleep, etc.) The same is true for spiritual strength,

If you desire to strengthen your faith, there are certain habits you must practice (prayer, Bible study, giving, outreach, etc.)

These are the fundamentals of the Christian life., aspire before you expire.

Fly unlimited


  1. YES! We must desire the sincere milk of the word and partake of the bread of life which sustains us in this life and the one to come. Very good read! Stay strong and Be Blessed.

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